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A Luciferian knows to see through the illusions that ordinary people fail to see and thus become a part of.

The Occupy movement failed because they are ultimately subject to the same illusion, since all people are not alike, even among the anarchists of anarchists, there are leader-types. As the video in the article will show.

Among the Police are also leader-types, so in reality the Police crowd and the Occupy crowd are easily manipulated, and the real game, if you watch carefully, is the two leader-types against each other, and in this case, the Occupy leaders are not as well equipped, not charismatic enough and lack the strategy and insight, that the Police leaders do. And the two sides’ leaders are in essential, performing the art of warfare. In this case one is clearly more adept.

I see the winner is the one that most closely follow the principles of warfare, as has been known to the elite since ancient times, for example the excellent work of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. Hence the Police leaders employ tactics to disperse the crowd, undermine the Occupy movements leaders authority, and to scare the protesters, or “demoralize the troops”.

In this case it is clear that the Police broke the law and used illegal methods to arrest and detain innocent people, while the protesters and bystanders failed, because their leaders failed to anticipate this attack.