gwr4245Distractions are everywhere. Right now, even as I am typing this, I am probably being distracted, too. When you read these words, something is probably distracting you. 

To understand how distraction came to be such a huge problem right now in the history of mankind, is to see the information revolution, and past revolutions, have culminated in the most advanced times so far to mankind, we are overwhelmed with information, thus a mere mortal human being could be drowned and his productivity killed. 

Luciferian approach is to focus, and resist distractions. They come via the senses: eyes, ear, nose, mouth, touch, and 6th sense. Email popping up, TV blaring sick images and making noise. Commercials all everywhere. They come via emotions: what feels wrong in your life, that meeting you need to prepare to, guilt, remorse, anxiety… and so on. 

The Luciferian meditates to create a space where there is no senses and no emotion. From that space, you return to mundane life, but you choose carefully which emotion and which sensory impression you want to work with. 

Resist reading email. Turn off all email notifiers. Turn your phone silent, you can read email when you want to and call people back when you want to or need to. 

Don’t feel guilt. There is only one law. Do what you will, you are the creator in your universe. As a God, you cannot feel guilty, you can only perform the best and then make the best of your life. Of course if you don’t aspire to do your Will and the Great Work, you should feel guilty, but once you start working on your true Will, you are above emotion and in Nirvana.