Picture from Kids Can be Gay, link

I came out to everyone when I was around 14. Back then, being queer was different than today. Still, I was lucky to grow up in Scandinavia, and the late 90’s was already progressive enough for it to be less of a problem to be open. I had a boyfriend at that time, and I remember I brought him to a 8th grade school party.

I always thought it was liberating to be open about who I am, not because I want any attention, but because I know many people, especially young people, struggle with this, and many children and young teens even take their life, because they fear what other people think.

The pressure of being the same, and not different, to the peer group, is growing every year. That is why I think it is so awesome that an opposite trend exists now making gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered more accepted by young people.

I hope this openness continues and it can help save lives, and make the lives of those who survive the transition into taking the full responsibility of not being heterosexual, easier.