Luciferians are, by nature, magickians.

I divide my day thus:


At 8pm, Mother Nature calms down. It is where I can think most clearly, the air gets cool and moist during summer, and I can be more comfortable outside. I can work on my projects, hobbies and be with my friends or even have intimate relations and sex.  I perform my magickal rituals during this time, and normally I go to sleep at 2am, before the Sun goes up.

2. DAY

Having slept for around 6 hours, my normal dayjob starts around 9pm. This is where I interact with the normal people, and look normal and do normal stuff.


From around 4pm, to 8pm it is when the blinding Sun starts to go low, depending on the year. It is when I calm down, eat, do some mundane tasks of my own and compare this day to the past day, open my calendar, plan and sort all mundane stuff.

Control of all these sides is important to maintain all sides of the persona.

Sometimes, I have days that are so chaotic where all the energies of magick, sexual relations, work and everything just get mixed together. At such times it is nice to know that there can be a basic structure, that can be followed and practised, while not always so, it is ideally there, reminding that there can be order in chaos, even if Chaos is in order.