zen-for-lifeSometimes compassion gets in the way. Sure, if you are an Enlightened Being, you can afford to be compassionate. Like a rich person can afford to give money to every poor person he meets. But same way the rich person doesn’t just give away free money to people just by random, we as Enlightened Beings will not be compassionate towards everyone for no reason.

Sure, ideally we should be compassionate with all sentient beings by default, which is what I suggest you do. But sure enough, when you are like me you look around and see the world is almost empty, filled with soul-less human beings that sleep during daytime, robots that go about their lives as automatons. They deserve pity, but compassion should be rationed to the few people that can be saved.

Just as the field medic who crawls into a bombshell crater, seeing damage and desperate people everywhere bleeding to death, the doctor will put priority on those who have the best chance of survival, first. Of course the doctor would ideally want to save everyone in the whole bloody war. But he can not, he does not have the resources. So he must choose carefully.

You as an occultist, should choose carefully who you mentor and who you try to save among the Sleeping Dead. You must be strong and realize, that most of your (muggles) friends, your parents and family may never see that dark flame we call the Occult Light, the light that shines in darkness.

This require great strenght, for how can you witness the destruction of everything you love?

The immortal one will need to ration his love and compassion, for it can so easily be wasted on those who do not appreciate it.