photoSitting in front of my very modern computer enjoying a century-old glass of half-a-century old wine, I reflect on time, and what it means.

Am I immortal?

Who is the identity that I refer to as “I”?

What is being experienced right now, and who is the one doing the experiencing?

The answers to these questions are contained in the mystery of Enlightenment.

Only someone not awake, who ignores the passing of time and tries to fight it will find any reason to avoid the topic.

I am 36 but am often mistaken for being much younger, people will guess I am anywhere from 18 to 25.

Taking magickal steps to preserve youthful energy, and to delay the inevitable destruction of the outer shell that is my body, helps in this way, of course the most useful step is to keep a young set of thoughts, that playfulness of absolute youth, but with the sophistication of a 17th century aristocrat, is the ideal approach.

I think the art of conquering your own mortality is to live life as though you are going to die next week, but also as if you were immortal.

In a way, if you play your cards right, you will be.

Your body is a shell that may die, your soul can survive. If you want it to. You decide.

If you take your fill of love and lust, live this only life to the fullness of your being here and now in the physical, that is one way to go.

But I tell you, the art of transcending the ultimate barrier has a price-tag which comes with pain, pain and more pain. And sacrifice.

Maybe that is why most people are ignorant and deluded (they don’t want to know the truth)

and why many, many occultists and Satanists, are just into Hedonism, they want to live only once. (they don’t want to experience the truth they already know).