Due to high amount of incoming searches for “Lucifer Invocation” I decided to make a more complete ritual than the old one. It is not complete but designed to be used as a template, and adapted to each person’s desired occult system, since the tools and methods for occult work does vary, I don’t want to tell you how to do magick, you must find that one out by yourself, but here is a good starting point to invoke and commune with Lucifer as a (fallen) angel entity.



– ritual bath.

– dress nude or in a black robe or white robe to your liking.

The altar should be covered in black or white to your liking.

On altar:

– Red rose.

– Incense: Red Sandal incense.

– Light: Black or White candle to your liking.

– Emeralt stone or other stone/mineral of the earth.

– Cup of Red Wine (or grape juice)

– Chalice of Salt Water.

–  Sigil of Lucifer



1. Banish the room according to your magickal system of liking.

2. Starting in East, purify the 4 cardinal directions with Water. Then, purify the Altar.

3. Starting in East, purify the 4 cardinal directions with Fire. Then, purify the Altar.

( Spirits of earth, wind, fire and water should now be present and in balance. )

4. Invoke the planet Venus according to your magickal system of liking.

5. Visualize Lucifer, the perfect Angel, of perfect wisdom, as male or female, or a mix of male or female. Visualize Lucifer in the color of Emergald green and Bright yellow, and olive flecked Gold. Use the sigil according to your occult knowledge to invoke the spirit of Lucifer.

6. Say the following Prayer:

I am not one of them

I don’t believe in what they do

I know I am one of you

Lucifer the fallen angel, come to me.

Lucifer, heal the pain inside my heart

Lucifer, heal my broken heart

Lucifer, I close my eyes and see your goodness and the Truth

Lucifer you are  here

7. Read the following

And the Fallen Angel came, and spoke: “May Tiamat guide you and keep you. May Leviathan guard you and yours. Listen to Tiamats children, they will help you in sorrow. Listen to the children of Leviathan, they will help you in pain. No worries of man, no nightmares pain. Humans do not know, what they think of us.”

8. Kneel down, Say your personal prayer to Lucifer.

9. Show humility to your highest manifestation that is Lucifer. Keep your thoughts as a prayer and mantra and take it with you. Cry for him, that has fallen for You.

10. Thank Lucifer silently in your thoughts and know that Lucifer loves you, cries for you.

11. Banish the room according to your magickal system of liking.


13. Extinguish altar light, exit temple.


*) NOTE: “your magickal system of liking” is whatever magickal system you use in your daily rituals. This could be GD-style, Voodo, Wicca, Bhuddist, tantric or any other system, entirely up to you.