Light-Yagami-death-note-2497713-1024-768This article will focus on how I live my life, as a Luciferian. It is an update and summary of past articles, with some new insights I like to share with everyone.

First, is not a very common lifestyle to associate yourself as a Luciferian. So I find myself alone in a way, yet I know many Luciferians online, and I have given the unofficial title to people who for all practical purposes demonstrate what I hold as the key qualities of a Luciferian, but they do not realise they are among us. Second, although I am among the few, I find my kin have taken other titles, and are not Luciferians but practise other occult arts or belong to other esoteric groups. Finally I have been able to open up to my other occult friends and discuss the topic of Luciferianism. There are definitly safe ways and enjoyable ways to be open to people who have the ability to understand, and not just muggles who would simply not understand anything at all.


You should travel to open your senses to different cultures but also to let loose the culture in you that you grew up in, it makes you understand that you are not your culture, you are different. I have friends in many parts of the world, and I go there not as a tourist but as a friend who live in their houses, and share local customs.


You are not your work, but you will spend a lot of time there.  Work with something that you can express your ideals and aspirations through. Myself I work as an architect of large computer systems, I design the future? Big responsibility. But one that I can express Luciferian principles through as I am both leader and engineer, visionary and a creator (The creator God of my own universe).


At any given time, in your Human body, you will be distracted by the inferiour brain’s earth-level thought patterns. Sleep, food, sex and social and mundane relations carry your attention away faster than you can say Fuck. The way I avoid DISTRACTION when I need to focus is: do just one thing at a time. I track my work on computer using just a simple text editor. That way, even though people SMS me, call me, text me, skype me and Facebook me and digitally rape me any way you can think of, I can still focus on what I am doing and why. Plus when my mind start to wander, I can just look at my notes. Plus I can learn more about what I do when and how. Here is a transcript of my notes:

The time is 16:00
I listen to cambodian romvong music. 
I start to focus on my next task. 
What is my next task?
- Prepare tomorrows presentation. 
- Finished preparing powerpoint presentation. 
The time is 18:25
I listen to trance music.
I start to focus on my next task. 
What is my next task?
- I should put my bills and mail which I did not yet process into the new binder. 
-- All my paid bills are sorted into new binder. 
-- Bonus: Outbox and Inbox now ready. 
AP: Collect tasks from black workbook and big black folder. 
The time is 18:58
I listen to finnish pop music.
I start to focus on my next task. 
What is my next task?
- Order stock items.

And so on. AP means Action points. Meaning actionable stuff that needs to be tracked in my GTD system (Toodledo). Other than that the work method is straight-forward, I just copy+paste the text that gives me the queue to think “What is my next task?” and then do them. Note that I use the GTD system which helps me pull a priority task, so I always know what to do, I just use this system to stay focused on what I am doing and why, and also a bit when I am working. I note the time and also what music I listen to, for no particular reason, other than help me focus more on work and reduce distraction, pay more attention to the here and now.


For you to spend 1/3rd of your time in bed, sleep is important. Buy a real bed. With a real mattress. I have so many problems sleeping since I am a night-person, not a day-person. I have no real clue as to how normal people sleep, I can do fine with only 6 hours.


I like expensive and gourmet food. Also I like to prepare food. For example Sushi, using my own Japanese knife, which was handmade in Japan and has my name engraved in the steel.


I usually only have sex with my same gender, which are other males, because I like the male body, I find it more aesthetically pleasing, prefer them athletic like ancient greek ideals for youth. Women can sometimes draw my attention if they are really self-confident, have unusual interests or have other talents or things that I like. Usually I get laid 3-4 times a week but sometimes I cannot have time for this (hard work). I tend to find new partners from time to time and then keep a set of regular partners for each kind of use.. since people are different, but I like many things depending on my mood.

Social distractions

I like to just hang out at parties, usually I will attract attention, then I will take it, but I like more to be a spectator, and enjoy myself, maybe find that one special soul that needs to be corrupted. Enjoy fine wine and foods. But most mundane social events bore me. Kick-offs, business dinners, seminars … haha… usually I will sleep, have sex or do something else.

Mundane distractions

TV is dangerous for your brain, throw it out. Get books. Old ones, from the 16th century.

The Great Work

Do not let things get in your way to do the Great Work. So hard with all distractions to do rituals, meditation and occult studies isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t need to be. I found that while arranging a room in your house as a temple, and using robes and regalia is nice, you live in a busy world, so even today I sometimes bring rituals to work and do them in an office I can lock in the basement, if I have 45 minutes available I will take it. Plus I can short down on the commute if I stay a while longer.

Open new senses

Travel, try new wines, try new sex partners, talk to people, be social, forget about facebook, turn off the TV, do not rely on your cell phone to remember your phone numbers. Do new stuff and never say NO when people invite you.

Keep flowing

Be as tired as you can but be appreciative that things are happening in your life.


If you are a poor bum, go get the book “The Secret”. I was bankrupt once in my life but this book saved me. I know it is simple and muggles-friendly but it WORKS. Now I make a million every year. (In Kroner = 120 000 Euro). If you are everything but a bum, start getting an accounting program (at the least) for your Mac (Quicken) or PC (GNUCash). Or go get a real accountant to track your economy. You should make budgets for everything and keep to them. Invest wisely. Even a small income needs accounting and budgeting systems to maximise your resources. Remember: the universe doesn’t like waste! Don’t waste what you have or you lose it.

Have I covered everything? Yes I covered the basics, here are the bonus material:


Your house should have the tools and machines to assist you in the daily work of maintenance. I have the usual stuff (coffee machine, vacuum cleaner and a houndred things) but I also have a drill, toolbox, complex set of screwdrivers, nut openers, and so on, so I can do most repairs on my house, car, and even help other people fix their things. I have a repair manual for my car. I know everything where it is and everything has its own place. I prevent clutter by throwing everything that doesn’t fit anywhere or anything that I already have too much of.


Alarm systems, redundant sensors, anti-break-in and fire detection systems are included in my house as well as CCTV camera with recording. Both hidden and visible camera cover all the perimeter. The alarm system is hooked up to police and private security guard company. Should I need to defend myself personally, I have a knife near my bed for short-range combat, machete for less personal defense. Strategic weapons in case things really get messy are: Military (Norwegian issue) steel helmet, bulletproof Kevlar vest (German issue) , pistol for short-range and sighted rifle for long-range situations.


I have a bug-out bag with most things I need to survive a natural disaster or breakdown of society for atleast a week without supplies.


Whenever I need, I go for a one hour walk, sometimes at night.
If I need more relaxations, I go for a vacation somewhere.