Someone wrote asking me to write about any techniques I found particularly helpful when I began my journey, and how meditation should be, and how to cope with drifting into mundane thoughts, and if I have any reading list on the topic for that. Well, to answer that, I’ve written this article and divided it into subparts.

When I started my journey

In my childhood I knew I was not like other kids. I cannot really put my finger on it but I knew I had a very adult way of thinking right from start. Plus my mother tells me I was walking long before being 1 year, and talking around 1 year, and by the time of four I could read and write my native language, and by the time of seven I knew english. But there were other clues to me being different. During my kindergarten years at age 5, I would actually be the one controlling what games the whole kindergarten played, and I modified the game where boys and girls would avoid eachother and play a form of “tag”, into becoming more of an orgy of cuddling. It had the adults very confused since the norm is for boys and girls that age to avoid eachother, and even boys among themselves would play more violent games but I made it into more like a peace and love thing. I was very sensual and aware of energies and already at that time I could notice certain things, and notice who had this “gift” of being able to control their surroundings. I learned that as myself, among 100 children, only 2 or 3 children have special gifts. Later I found the term Indigo that fits well.

Growing up I had many experiences and I was very attracted to any occult topic. but it wasn’t until my adulthood I found good meditation and calm through practising and reading about Zen. The techniques and teachings of Zen bhuddism kept me happy for a few years, until I needed more powerful techniques to working more actively.

After working more actively with magick, I realized how important meditation is, to calm and experience the mystery.

How meditation should be

Meditation is passive and receptive, as opposed to magick which is active and giving. The purpose according to many ‘new age’ ideas is for meditation to achieve calm, balance yourself or to experience a moment of bliss. That is, of course, not true.

While meditation can definitly sort out your thoughts and calm your body and thus be a great tool only done half-way, doing western-style yoga or meditation just to calm the physical body is like driving a porche around a small garage. It’s a pretty cool tool, but you’re not really using it the way it should be.

Meditation when done properly, will disconnect you from your personal reality and make you see the world as it is. This is precisely the meaning of the Zen idea of no-mind. It is also the realisation of the moment when you lose yourself and something else begins, some people call this moment for true enlightenment. Its the moment when you not only connect with God, you are God.

That is the only purpose in meditation, to realize this mystical union, according to some purists I know. I won’t be so harsh, but I wish to say it nevertheless. Also to explain that the same is true for the original purpose of the Christian Midnight Mass, (Eucharist) and many other things. There are other, safe or less safe methods of acheiving the same, hence the emergence of sex-magick orders and so on:

(Some) Ways to reach “enlightenment” i.e. the connection with the “all”

  • Meditation
  • Sexual orgasm
  • Tantric sex to exhaustion
  • Astral travel
  • Religious RItuals
  • Drugs
  • Magick
  • etc

There are countless other ways that are safe or not so safe, but meditation is usually one of the safest ways, and for being so safe, nevertheless also effective.

The method of meditation vary and you can find many guides on the net.

The Zen books I typically read before would typically say something like: “To meditate, all you need to do is sit. You can begin to meditate by counting your breaths, breathing slowly and controlling your breath. Let your back be straight and your head as it is holding up the heavens. Sit with your legs crossed, or if you can, in the Lotus position. If you can’t, find any position that you are comfortable with, and just let everything go. For that moment, do not let anything disturb you. Any thought you get in your mind? Let it go. Do not strain yourself to not think. Just let the thought come but let it go again. Be a passive observer observing thoughts come and go. Soon you are not observing or not observing, and you can achieve the state of no-mind, of not-thinking”.

Note: there is a good guide on-line on how to meditate.

Coping with drifting thoughts

In magick, you would throw magickal letters when you do skrying.

But in meditation you just let any distraction or thought pass. Just. Let. Go.

Reading list

  • Donald Michael Kraig: Modern Magick – a great place to start doing magick, first and foremost, but it contains a good guide on how to meditate, among other things.
  • Website: – a great ZEN site with tips on meditation.

But why meditate?

Only you can know the true answer to that. Try it. It will only cost you about 15 minutes.

No meditation should last more than 15 minutes in my opinion, UNLESS you are doing ZaZen, a variation of Zen practise which of course require a LONG period of just sitting. (A weekend?)