wizardToday, the mundane society in which we Luciferians find ourselves in, expects you to separate work and leisure, into manageable chunks of time subject to control by structures. Ideally, time creates barriers between them, consider the 08-16 times of work, and the 16-08 times of leisure. Yet the same society that constructed this artificial separation, also expects people to move more work responsibilities to their leisure time, and mix work into ordinary lives as a one-way experience.

The problem so many people have today in focusing on work (and by work I mean work in  the broadest sense – work to complete both professional and personal goals) – is to keep focus long enough to permit any work actually being done.

How many times must we pretend that there is really no difference to the brain if we are in one or another mode? Our minds naturally wander in and out of work. Of course, workhours exist to define a place to be available to society, except in those rare cases your job is also your hobby or where you practise arts that intertwine with your schedule (as opposed to anyone else’s).

Solution. Be creative, means do not allow things to pile up on you. Also realize that your brain needs to work on whatever is fun to you at the moment. Make stuff that you need to do fun, by reducing all the stuff you don’t need to do. I spoke about methods and processes before that help you reduce clutter and manage your time better.

But we should not let work just be work and leisure be just leisure, either. We should allow ourselves to work when we need to. Even at a party, we could have a great idea, note it down. At work we could have another great idea, note it down. But above all, whether you are working or not, it is important to remain social and share experience with others. And allow yourself to experience the kind of flow you can achieve if you let go of your structure and way of separating time into either-or.

Ideally, work is also leisure, when you create a good flow. Your free time is also time to work, if you allow creativity and inspiration to move even your professional goals.

You have no work time or free time, you just have time. The truth is that you exist in all times past present and future, your work is to keep creating and maintain the flow that you direct under Will.