IMG_1120I have had a wonderful regenerative vacation.


My first half was spent in the north of Norway, across the polar circle, where this time of year the Sun does not set, but stays up all 24 hours of day. I was able to appreciate spending time with my fathers side of my family, and to connect with the nature spirits of the mountains, the sea, and the green nature. I recharged my earthly batteries here, and even found time to learn about rare plants and folk medicine which my family knows.




481619_458878020813930_1249009963_nTHE NETHERLANDS

My second part was spent in Holland, where I spent time with occult friends. One of the highlights was to enter a secret cocktail bar in the middle of Amsterdam, which you have to know about to find it, it has no sign on the outside, just a black painted board with nothing. Inside are beautiful chandeliers and antique leather furniture, and the owner is not a bartender but a mixologist, one who can truly master the art of mixing drinks, to such a level that if you can drink a picasso it would still fall short of it. There were also time to do rituals in the middle of a park, right in front of muggles, disguised as some form of yoga..