pentagram-coffee-2782-1304698179-32As a peculiar sign of synchronicity, I clicked on a random post on wordpress and found this one, “He descended into Hell“, and it reminded me the advice I got yesterday from a trusted source, that rituals can be performed in two ways: one where you just say the words, and the other is when you make the most of the five minutes you do a (short) ritual.

It also reminded me of my talk earlier today with some occult friends. I was able to open a bit more on my Luciferianism, and was in the unusual situation of trying to explain the Luciferian “Credo”. And since I never usually make conversation about Luciferianism in a coffee house or other public place, I struggled a bit to access the Luciferian Principles from my own website from memory.

After a while I was able to recall the basics, and we compared it to gnosticism, and apart from Luciferianism not having the “demiurge” as the main enemy, as the main enemy is “ignorance”; and the greatest obstacle is not the “archonts” but yourself, there really are many similarities, although we use different names for the same concept.

So it was a momentous moment having socially and openly for the first time presented Luciferianism as a direct and real-life experience, to same-aged but seasoned occultists who had the experience and knowledge to properly interpret and appreciate it. It has been the highlight of my day, apart from spending quality time with some of my best friends.

My explanation for Luciferianism begun with referring to the wikipedia definition which really emphasize on separating Luciferianism from Satanism, but brings across a very good starting point for information for newbies, although the written material (books) are not so clear yet. I defamed Michael Ford for not correctly representing Luciferianism, then proceeded to inform that the LRS is going to publish a book soon which may indeed become the actual work on Luciferianism that is a modern representation after all. Then I explained my personal process, which was back in 2011, when I first took the Luciferian Principles of the Order of the Luciferian Sword, a (to best of my knowledge) net-based group which sadly now is inactive, and adapted the principles as my own credo, and thus I started this blog. And I have revised the credo every year since on the vernal equinox.

But my main process has always been a practial one.

It can very well be compared to a gnostic process which is like this:

  • you realize something is wrong with the world.
  • that wrong is the demiurge, which is the false god who created the material world as a prison for humankind. *
  • the archonts are the servants of this false god.
  • the solution is for you to reunite with Sophia, the benevolent correct god, through the light**
  • materia is evil and nature is evil as it is not of the Plaeroma but part of the prison that is the physical plane.

** The light can also be seen as the occult light, or the light that shines in the dark.

* There is also the gnostic theory that god did not throw man out of paradise, it was man who threw god out, and we are already in paradise, but nobody realize it yet.  But that is a more difficult topic to discuss here.

Then the Luciferian process:

  • you realize something is wrong with the world and that you are different.
  • you are different because you have special skills, intelligence, supernatural* powers that put you in the “indigo child**” category. because you are different, you are an outcast, sometimes feared, sometimes loved, but never understood.
  • your work is to become the god of your own universe. and to carry the light onwards and be the shining torchlight to inspire others.
  • materia and nature is to be respected and loved. because nature is perfect and enlightened.

As an interesting side note, I discovered one of my friends are going to have a large and clear Lucifer tattoo 🙂 How can I not be amazed and happy that the universe fills me with so much wonder about the coincidences and synchronicity of life? 😀