luciferAn interesting thread on the discussions going on in the Luciferian Research Society had me replying the following to the question on how becoming Luciferian has changed your life.

I have found a center of gravity from where I can work in occultism where previously occult work in different systems caused paradoxes that was difficult to get around without my identity as Luciferian.

I have found a left hand path direction that resonates with feelings I have had since early childhood, and emotions and abilities that is also associated with ‘indigo children’, and I can now identify with the currents of the archetype Lucifer and it feels natural to me.

I no longer have desires to focus on being “dark” just to be different, I can work with dark or light in the service of lighting up the road, for myself and for others, in dayside or nightside, or somewhere in between.

Every time I inspire someone, I find inspiration. When others inspire me, I am motivated to inspire.

Finally I have an explanation why I have two sides of my personality, one that is public and concerned with the dayside matters of the mundane work, life and family. The other side is the mystical nightside, the one only a select few know me for, the esoteric side that is more truly my personality.