This is also good business advice, since you need to be on the top of your game to be an excellent performer in real life.

To survive in this world, the Luciferian must adapt and improvise to the physical world that surrounds him, even though he is a godlike figure, he is trapped in the same physical body as human.

With these limitations, the Luciferian too, is sometimes hit with setbacks, in health, success or other. Let’s not however forget how important sleep is.

The human body spends almost 6 to 8 hours sleeping, on average 33% of our time. This is a natural requirement, so it puts sleeping on the same level of importance of your work, or your free time. Right? Wrong. Sleep is the foundation for the waking hours, because it is during this time the body heals. Your “soul” if we can call it that, is also recovering, since it is the only situation where it is naturally free to go out of your body and onto the astral world and beyond, and into the dreamworld (and other dimensions).

Do not underestimate the importance of sleep to your health. I found out the hard way. As a Luciferian I like to stay up all night, because I enjoy this time the most. The calm, the beautiful shades of gray, the contrast between my favourite colours black and dark blue and the brilliant-white colour of the small light from the stars in the sky.

For you to sleep well, there are some basic requirements:

  • Air element (breathing, there should be relative 21% O2 in the air, and 4% or less CO2, in other words fresh air)
  • Water element (your body needs to be hydrated, the room should be 40-60% relative humidity)
  • Fire element (warmth at the correct temperature, the temperature should be in the range of 16-20C)
  • Earth element (a place to sleep that is comfortable, and you had eaten today to have fuel for your body, vitamins, etc)

Getting a good quality sleep is essential to keep healthy and have the energy to be all the Luciferian you need to be!

The secret to success is your body will tell you what is wrong for each element.


Your bed needs to be comfortable, or else your back will hurt. You need to find out which mattress you prefer (hard or soft?) and what pillow (hard, soft, long, high, low, wide, and what filling). You also need to change your beds linens and covers every week or so, and monthly you should steam-clean your mattress and bedframe (using a portable steam cleaner) to get rid of dustmites that could cause allergies. You need to have enough food and vitamins to sleep well, but do not eat too late and do not take coffee 4-6 hours before going to sleep. Your alarm clock should be intelligent, you need two systems: During Scandinavian winters, use a wake-up light, that is something that simulates that the sun goes up. Basically an alarm clock with a lamp on it. Then use your smartphone also, I reccomend the app “Sleep Cycle” because it will let you learn how many hours you need to sleep, by statistics, it uses the smartphones sensors and Gyro to make these statistics.

Symptoms of failiure in this regard: problem falling to sleep, back problems, aching body, toss-and-turn, or you get out of bed to eat. Or you cannot get up in the morning and feel like a wreck. Also do not eat too much right before sleeping or you will have nightmares.


You should keep a glass of water near your bed, and drink a little before going to sleep. Your body needs to be hydrated before going to sleep. But not too hydrated so going to the toilet all the time.

Symptoms of failiure in this regard: problems falling a sleep because of headache, problems of headache when getting up, sore throat, puffy eyes, dry mouth. Some disease and cold is easyer to catch.


You should keep a comfortable temperature in bed, i.e. have the correct duvet (used in Europe) or blanket (used in USA and Asia) for the season. You should be comfortably warm in your bed, not freezing, and not perspirating. The surrounding temperature should be 16-20C. Heating elements should automatically trigger to prevent any temperature below 16C and stop heating over 20C. If you live in a warm country, the aircondition should keep from going over 20C in your bedroom.

Symptoms of failiure in this regard: freezing, colds, or cold sweat, and if too warm, problems sleeping because of warmth, sweating, toss-and-turn, wake up in the middle of night. Possibly dry mouth, sore throat, muscle pains.


Your air needs to be fresh. Buy an air humidity indicator and place it under your bed (!) – check its high/low settings in the morning (stored high watermark and low watermark) – it should be in the range of 50-60% RH. If it is over 70% or under 30% you have real problems with air humidity which can affect your sleep. Also over 70% mold can grow, causing dangerous allergies and poisonous mildew. (nerve poison). You need enough O2 and to get rid of exhaled CO2 otherwise you destroy the bodys natural combustion, and delay or disrupt cells in your body trying to fix you. Install a fan in your bathroom or somewhere where the fan can run silently but keep ventilating your house. I live in an old wooden house and I installed a fan in the wall that pulls used air into it and blows it into a special ventilation chimney. Vents over the windows with active carbon filter ensures fresh air can come in, without noise, insects or harmful contamination. I live close to the forest so air quality coming in is nice. Ventilation ensures also good relative humidity in the range of 40%-50%, and I have an air dehumidifier should I need it in the summer during the rain.

Symptoms of failiure in this regard: bad sleeping quality, you wake up feeling more tired than you went to sleep. Permanent and domino-effect sleeping pattern problems. Problems falling to sleep. Problems waking up in the middle of the night.