iphone5_ios7The new iOS7 is upon us soon, according to latest information. So Apple, the number one current trendsetter for tablets and smartphones, is going to release a new operating system for their smartphone and tablets. From what I can see they sort of tried to copy some of Windows 8’s look-and-feel. That is just my opinion. I like the design of Apple, the visual aspect, physical aspect and the pure beauty in which the products behave and appear, from a designer’s perspective. Each one of their gadgets are like a work of art. And I love that, and I see they are trying to carry that forward in their new iOS.

From an engineer standpoint, I must hate Apple, because of the same reason why I love Apple from a pure designer’s perspective. Because all the real under-the-hood control is taken away from the user, the operating system itself is locked inside a jail, preventing users full control over their own devices. And Apple also locks you in their technology, there is the proprietary programs and Apple Store, of course, isolating and discriminating independant software developers.

From a security standpoint, Apple has a good track-record preventing security breaches, but it fails completely in terms of Privacy.

But just to stick with iOS 7, I find it very annoying that Apple assumes they know me as a consumer. I don’t want to share my pictures with everyone, I don’t want my phone to learn my habits and present for me the programs/apps I use the most, and I don’t want to have functions like Airdrop which opens up my phone to spam and all sorts of new security loopholes. I would love to have the design, the control and the security but it seems I can have only the design.