250px-Lucifer16I run my professional life as a Luciferian. My professional life is multifaceted. That means I work with many kind of people and many kinds of enterprises. Mostly as a consultant. Usually I deal with upper management of very large private and government organizations, who have real problems and who already may have a team of highly skilled people who each represent different areas of expertise, economic, management, technical, legal and so on. The thing is, I am able to work with all areas as a bridge-builder. That is my line of work, but I go even further. Because I am also an engineer, I can talk to engineers. Because I read medicine, I can talk to doctors about their specifics, including neuroscience. I can discuss with nuclear scientists, economists, researchers, leaders and the CEOs of some of the biggest companies of the world. Yet I am still me. I am relying constantly on my core values, and I am able to listen to people, understand their problems, and then get creative and problem-solve. Whether it is technical problems or management problems or just improving a business model, I can do it.

People sense that I am different. Nobody can put their finger on what it is about me. They don’t understand how I can do everything I do, and have the skill and expertise and go beyond expectations and deliver up and above. But I know the reason, it is because I apply my unique style and philosophy to my everyday work. And it keeps me going, I have a lot of fun, and I love to help and inspire other people.

Most importantly, I not only solve the problem or do the actual work, but I manage to sneak in occult philosophy on the way. The longer I stay at a particular client or customer, the more occult knowledge gets seeped through, I sneak in a word here and reference there, with the only purpose of raising more interest about the mystical, philosophical and nontrivial task it is to combine your work with Magick.

The whole point of mentioning all this, is to point out that I never in real life announce my Luciferianism. I save it for the people I can really trust and who deserve to know, so only very few people know. I might give a few hints, but I avoid making a big fuzz out of it. I may dress formal or less formal, depending on the situation. The more dependent a customer becomes of me, the usual thing that happens is I show up in my military green cargo pants and brown hooded sweater, basically very young-looking clothes. But I don’t do like some LHP’ers seem to do, which is to go all the way and dress very dark, goth, or who just inflate their ego so much people cant take them seriously. This is the problem with people who actively want to associate with the dark path, with Satanism, with “Lucifer” or with anything that might be offensive to the mainstream culture. My point is to be nice, be yourself, be business oriented and do it according to your style – but whatever you do, do it elegantly and show yourself from your best side, and help others. That is the sure way to gain respect and power – you show that you are a person that needs to be listened to, you prove that your advice is worth its weight in gold, and if you can do all that and be nice to people – regardless of their position, wealth or power, you just be nice to people who demonstrate personality – then that is truly a person who will be respected.

Because it is not all about your own success. It is about recognizing other peoples success and helping others achieve success.

A friend who definitely has a long track-record of having a Luciferian approach to business, has decided to go a step further, and create a group to promote networking between Luciferians. Through the Luciferian Research Society, he has put together the Hellfire Group, in the attempt to gather relations with other people that are serious and who have this outlook/approach.

I recommend for anyone who identifies as Luciferian to take a look at it and join in on the discussion there.