This week has been kind of lonely. I’ve had a real case of the flu and it has put me in bed for most of the time, and blurred time, with fevers that made the whole experience surreal, and introvert. Not seeing colleagues. Being awake only moment by moment. One second I am sitting in the garden surrounded by butterflies and bumblebees, the next I watch the sun rising, and suddenly I do not know if the sun is rising or setting.

I believe that everything must have a positive effect, even when experiencing something with negative effects.

On the positive side, I have spent some surreal time this week looking into myself, laying plans and also had the time to learn more about myself. Someone did my astrology charts and a lot of pieces of the puzzle has come together. I could figure out more about my past and understand things I could not understand before.

I am grateful that while I have been sick for a week, I still found the energy and initiative to help many individuals who are struggling with their lives, and I even managed to do some work for the office, thus fulfilling customers expectations too at work, so everyone is happy.

I am the most happy I could still make a difference.

This is what I hope to do with my blog: help myself and help others. There are others like me out there, looking for answers and solutions.

While typing this I am also watching the movie “I am Legend” with Will Smith. Probably in my opinion one of his best movies. The first half of the film he is a loner. Before the catastrophe that became the zombie infection, he was the only scientist who could find a cure. And he is the only survivor, or so he thinks. . It is an emotional film, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. Sums up many of the feelings of being different.