I was asked:

“If you are hiding Jewish children in the basement and the Gestapo are at the door asking if you are hiding Jewish children, do you tell them the truth knowing the children and you will die in horrible fashion?”

Here arises the question of morality.

I assume then since I am hiding Jewish children in the basement during a WW2 nazi Germany scenario, I am protecting these children at a high cost.

One could say that I act out of a moral act.

I would say that instead of only morale, I have decided that these children should be protected. For what reason you may ask? Well maybe I disagree politically that these children should be taken away and tortured/murdered. I sense in my heart these individuals may live, and that me protecting them is the gift of life, at the risk of my own. The logical act is explained by the hidden karma resulting in this deed.

So one should be truthful to ones heart and strong in your resolve what is the truth and why.

Obviously telling the Gestapo the truth is not an option, they outpower me and also bring along 12 SS-soldiers who would be no match.

My resolve would be deception, but only to defend my truth as I define it.

In this way, deception is the exception, when faced with WAR.

This WAR could be a conflict of where the truth would only mean the truth would destroy the truth.

Other examples:

  • A friend tells you a secret that only you must know or else it may destroy that person’s life.
  • You are a secret agent working for the government. You are captured by the enemy. Countless lives rely on your integrity.
  • You have access to financial information that could make you millions – but you could compromise the company you work for thus risking thousands of jobs.