I park my car at a gravel parking lot amidst remnants of industrial buildings, now modernised but retaining their industrial-age 18th century look.

My car is intentionally placed under the protective shadow of a tree, providing shelter from the blinding sun. I emerge from the shades, and out into the open space. I gaze into the distance. I see only normal people moving about. 
Suddenly, I see a figure instantly standing out from the crowd. He has blond hair so blond, the sun reflects from it. His skin shines in the sun, and he seems to float through the air effortlessly. His t-shirt is black, and it has a strange alien-looking figure on it. He has pants that shimmer like a starry night. He has very modern skating shoes, and yet at the same time, he seems too real, too perfect. 
His eyes are blindingly green, but from a certain angle they are black as they reflect the sun. His aura about him is very strong, and he looks angelic. He approaches me with such fluent grace reserved only for those who possess the ancient arts. 
I hug him without a word. My hands feel his back, it is radiating with heat, and a magnetic occult energy. He smells nothing – no scent to alert his prey. He would in his soundless agility no doubt be able to sneak up to wild animals without them ever noticing it. I feel his body is like an artwork sculpted like a male demon, just put into modern clothes. 
I ask if the sun hurts him. He just smile and make a hissing noise; thus confirming his disapproval of the blinding light. Of course he can walk through sunlight, but he likes to walk in the shadows as much as possible, for two reasons. One, he has the skin of a 14 year old, although his body is now around 30, is light and complex white, and does not take direct sunlight without being easily damaged. Second, his occult energies would be dissipated by the energies of the Black Sun, hidden from ordinary view by the earthly and Visible Sun. 
We leap through shadows, and small talk. I talk about my life and what has changed since last time. Also I mentioned I have played an old computer game with vampires. He of course has played the same game years ago. In the game, I had to avoid the sunlight too otherwise my characters would be damaged. He laughs with a childlike innocense, though his teeths and fangs and eyes have seen more than most have in countless lifetimes. 
His body is 30, but he can easily travel on buses paying only a children’s fare. I wonder in silence how many bodies he has occupied, as he talks about some interesting things you could do if you jump into other people’s body. For instance, you could locate telepathically a group of criminals sitting around a table, jump temporarily into one of them, shoot everyone around the table, including yourself, then right before the body dies, return to your body. 
We sit in a cafe and I feel priviledged that I know this old soul and so young looking body. We spend time talking and I pick up on some occult tips. I offer my help too in some things that I can offer my help. I am always fond of sharing knowledge, both esoteric and other. I even ask a few things on behalf of a student I have. 
I wonder how the magnetic fascination of us two people make people look over their shoulders, families stop eating, even a noisy girly gang were turning their heads, looking and not daring to raise their voices, in case they interrupted our talk. We were quiet enough that people could only pick up fragments of our conversation. The staff only looks nervous. They know my vampire friend, perhaps not as well as I, but still enough to step quietly and stealing quick looks when they think we don’t notice (we have eyes even in the back of our neck..) 
Correct setting: A chandeleir of candle lights in the bathroom. Rustic and industrial wood and spokes still hanging from a forgotten age. And my child-aged old-soul demon friend with a big fanged smile smirking at me from a distance. I order another double espresso.