As a Luciferian here I present to you the Revised Commandments based on the Ten commandments, so that people with a western or Christian background may re-program, and re-integrate the ten commandments they, as myself, were forced to learn in the educational system as a child. The following are the Ten commandments as they should have been given. 

1. “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” 
As Luciferians we are sparks of the absolute, and while we are a singularity we are also part of the fullness of Plaeroma, the source of everything. As are other initiates of the mysteries dedicated to the absolute. Non-initiates are witnesses to this offering. 
2. “Thou shalt not make any graven image.” 
Do not confuse symbols and their occult meaning without understanding their appropriate use in the Great Work. 
3. “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.” 
Do not use Divine names or words of power without understanding their appropriate use in the Great Work. 
4. “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” 
Take atleast one day off during the week, atleast one more day from your month, and one day for the four seasons, away from your mundane work, and dedicate them to your spirit and spiritual work.
5. “Honor thy father and thy mother.” 
Understand your place in the Universe is relative to your understanding of the Universe. Know that all beings are in one way shape or form, related to eachother.
6. “Thou shalt not murder.” 
Do not kill in vain. Make sure only to kill when necessary, to eat, to survive or in self-defence, or to defend your Kin. Thus the act of killing in self-preservation has no morale. 
7. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” 
Do not betray your spiritual nature. Do not deny your natural desires. Take your fill of life and love as you please but do so in accordance with your Will and be truthful to your self without compromise. 
8. “Thou shalt not steal.” 
You must not take unfair advantage, without knowledge and power to rightfully and truthfully gain advantages. Doing otherwise is cowardly. 
9. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” 
Do not delude others or tell lies. Do not let the Ego decide or the lower self to dictate what is the truth or not. Do not be a coward and gain merit at the cost of accusing someone else. 
10. “Thou shalt not covet.” 
Do not blindly lust after material things, just for satisfying lust for material things. Focus your lust on what gives you pleasure in the spirit, in the knowledge and in the flesh, and do not excess in material things as posessions, or they will posess you.