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Your article has a valid point: The mediums or psychics may not have the best intentions for you or thinking about your well-being. They are most likely thinking about themselves, for whatever reason, economically, or just for the sake of their ego, but to think that everyone is out to get you is a bit over the top. Definitly, the art of fortune-telling (if one can say so) is not just influenced by evil spirits, they are influenced by spirits who may or may not be neither good nor evil. Just like people may not be good or evil.But to lean to the christian bible for answers is truly insane, for how can a simple fragile mind possibly get any real guidance out of such meaningless and pompous drivel we can find in the old testament, and while the Christ figure in the new testament is truly inspirational, I doubt that a weak-minded person without any occult initiation could appreciate the many mysteries contained in the mere four gospels, taking into consideration all the scriptures that were taken out of the bible and deemed heretic by the church meeting of Nikea in year 300. Such as the gospel of Thomas, the gospel of Philip and so on and so on, including the gospel of Judas. Even with all the original texts, one would not know how to interpret them correctly without a guide.Jesus Christ was not a self-initiate. According to new testament he himself spent most of his youth in a Temple being guided by other spiritual people working there serving the mysteries.One should therefore, while avoiding Gypsies and Tarot-readers, be critical and find a good teacher and mentor that you can trust, and only then immerse yourself in the biblical text, with the aim not to solve your simple trivial dilemmas of daily life, but begin your journey in discovering your true purpose and regain ancient wisdom and understanding that will put you in place as the master of your own life, filling the gap between humanity, nature and the divine.

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