I once promised to write something about attracting “Luck”, so I am going to work at it some more.

Try to think about your life. Are you happy? Why not? If yes (less than 3%), why?

Most people (esp. muggles) go through their whole life not knowing why they are happy or not. Or why things happen the way they do. Maybe you’re asleep too, and currently find yourself in a situation but you have a nagging feeling that all is not perfect. I don’t know how your situation is, but take a look at the words below, and try to think within each box, wether you are happy with the way things are now, or not.

wheelPerhaps you notice that as you take your time looking at each box for a 10 seconds, you can reflect on that area, and remember, for instance in terms of health, how you are doing in that area, if you are sick a lot, or if you are well. Whether you have had a lot of medical treatments, or whether you still need more. Or, you can think in terms of how your Home is. Is it a happy home? Does it feel OK to live there? Is there something you need to change in your home? Everything working well? When did you move in? Do you plan to redecorate? How about black curtains? All these ideas and concepts spring to life when you think about a focus area.

Spend a few minutes looking at each box, and note for yourself the ideas that spring to mind for each one. Try to note both the positive and negative ideas. If you remember things that you’ve accomplished, or things you know that are positive, be thankful. If not positive, then make a note of it. Do not worry about why yet.

Do you find something is missing? Feel free to add another area of work. If you’re not a spiritual person, you may not need to, however. But generally, all the stuff that is going on in your life should fall into one of these categories.
Untitled 1Now that you spent a few minutes reflecting on each focus area, take a mental step back and look at the totality of your life. And ask yourself this question. Are you happy with how things are? Why/Why not? If you could change something, what would it be? Take a note of any ideas for change that comes to mind. Also, can you imagine what the perfect life for you would look life, if you could have everything you wish for? Make a note of the things you don’t have, or have not, and want to have.

Now think if the things you want are really what your true Will is. You might think you need a nice car, but only to discover later in life that you only want to impress your friends. Try to weed out the illusionary wishes that aren’t really what you are trying to manifest, but means to an end. What you are really interesting is the root causes for all your desires. Behind the root cause is what is influenced by your true Will, but it’s like a flashlight lost in a murky bog.. you may see some light in there, but there’s a whole lot of dark shit floating about. Sometimes the wishes and Will are confused. Your job is to make different what is what.

In the mean time, you can organize your boxes, ranging from mundane to divine. This diagram below represents a simple transformation of the diagram into a cross, where money and home is lowest (representing material things  – of course your car is also a material thing resulting from the accumulation of money), it is the mundane manifestation of career, which is the combined efforts of your health (ability to work), your relations (how you are connected in the social grid to put your knowledge into work that you are payed to do) and happiness (your will to work). These aspects are influenced by your spiritual well-being. Your spiritual nature is changed by Will, or your capacity to make your Will manifest. The Will should be influenced by your highest self, but rarely do anyone have an open, clear channel to their Divine Nature. Your lifework is to balance all these boxes, since in few words, they are a mental map of your life, with some focus areas spanning from Most Abstract (top) to Least Abstract (bottom).
Untitled 2Of course we could keep adding boxes until the screen is full, but you don’t need many boxes to be able to relate to them to focus on a discrete part of your life enough that you get a real focus on that specific area, and then understanding how they relate and influence eachother.

Also, any improvement in the higher will influence ALL of the lower. Example, if you are happy, you may feel the urge to improve your home, or to spend money, or to bring a cake to work.

I hope this gives you some ideas……

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