A reader asks, in relation to the post Coping with being different, if the difference I feel talking to other occultists is a result of Luciferianism. I replied that it is more due to the fact that many occultists I meet online are dogmatic. I want to elaborate on that. Of course, not all occultists I meet online are dogmatic. And most of the occultists I know in real life and who are my friends, although they belong to different traditions are not dogmatic against me, but they do not understand much about Luciferianism, maybe because Luciferians are not [supposed to] be dogmatic. I mean, someone who is Luciferian should be open and curious, and not cling to ideas like religion, like some people do. Even many persons I consider very enlightened, will be familiar to a dozen different esoteric systems, and they do not cling to any of them, but tend to be puzzled when confronted with something outside very known, familiar set of “rules”.

I know there are some authors (who shall remain un-mentioned) who tried to define Luciferianism but in my honest opinion failed at doing so (the less quoted the less famous).

The question arises then, among Occultists, whether Luciferianism is a legitimate path to discuss from the perspective of another occultist, since it is so similar to Chaos Magick in that there is no single authority over what defines Luciferianism?