If I was to cut the fibre cable on this telephone pole, you would think a whole city would be disconnected from the internet?

I sort of enjoyed the sun today, sitting in the garden re-thinking all of last weeks trifles. Birds singing, butterflies with white wings flashing past me, and a big bumblebee landed near my naked feet, folded its wings and sort of telepathically said: “Phew, summer sure came fast, it was winter only a week ago. And where am I to build a nest? The flowers are already blooming!”

Birds of various colours and races were busy chirping and flying hectically in criss-cross paths and constantly rearranging their territories. The neighbours dog, hopelessly bred away from wolven instincts, stupidly barks.

The neighbours themselves, even more inbred, are even more out of tune with nature and seem to disturb the perfect moment.

Unable to focus at any of this with my Nikon 7100 camera with a 400mm lens, I could only get one sharp image for today, the one of a telephone pole with cables on it. The rest of the images were out of focus. Oh, well, it shall serve as todays photo, to meditate upon thus: What god has planted this tree?