Now this picture says more than a thousand words.

Just look and think. And I will fill you in.

photo (1)In the foreground to the right, some Whiskey, properly imported across the border by my friend from Spain. He is only 23, well traveled all over the world, he is very smart, and has been to most countries. Most of his Spanish friends think he is a secret agent since he travels a lot, especially to unusual places like Khazakstan or.. Oslo. His passport is full of stamps from just about every country on earth. And he has many passports with different names. And different kind of money. Hm, come to think of it, Maybe he is a secret agent after all. Like all my friends, he is initiated into the secrets of many arts, I seem to attract talented people. Just as well, since I find special people with extraordinary skills, intelligence and talent the most interesting people to be with. I like this kid a lot, he sort of embodies the vitality and passion of Spain, while at the same time speaks Catalan and fights for an independant Catalunya. And he is not a typical Spanish, being learned in many different cultures and languages. He is not Luciferian as he would define himself of no particular “religion” or creed, however, he would meet all the criteria. Even the ability for extra senses or even clairvoyance.

(I could go on and on, lets move to the next item)

To the lower left, a copy of the book “Prometheus Rising”, a book I had to pick out of my  library for the purpose of following up someone who has read some of his books. Amazingly, this book has real relevance to the Luciferian idea, and it can jumpstart sort of the basic knowledge a newcomer to Luciferian would want to have, or maybe should have, before embarking on the Luciferian idea, or any idea for that matter.

In the background, the TV show “Hannibal”, I rarely watch TV, but this was on, and I think it is interesting to note that the main character Graham is one lone wolf with some serious personality side-effects, that he participates as help during crime investigations, using near supernatural senses to solve crimes. As wikipedia describes him:

“This version of Graham identifies himself as being on the autism spectrum, but showrunner Bryan Fuller has refuted the idea that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, stating instead that he has ‘the opposite of’  it. He possesses ‘pure empathy’ and an overactive imagination, allowing him to mentally recreate the murders he is investigating”.

Next time you look at a picture you might imagine there will be endless stories from it.