Sol is in Taurus, and we are past another full moon since the 26th, and everything is going well with this blog. Right now, the most used incoming search term is ‘positive thoughts, luciferianblog,, use of sperm in occult’, which says alot.

Analyzing the search term into its components suggest that my blog does include a positive outlook, which must be a great comfort for people who, like myself, find themselves facing the challenges of this world and beyond.

The next term suggest that people are now searching directly for my blog in search engines, thus the term ‘luciferianblog’ has taken on a life of its own, becoming the sort of keyword people use to find back to my blog. I guess these are my regular readers. That is an encouragement to keep blogging, and make even better blog posts.

Now the last two parts are certainly interesting, and I will start off by giving it a reference to the very rejuvenating and fertile symbol of active male force, that which emanates from sexual union, and which produces the child, as symbol of new life, or continued existance.

At the same time, sex, sexual symbols, and sexual fluids such as semen have been feared and shunned by the religious masses and their myriad authorities, because of their powerful symbolic force, that would easily overthrow lesser forces. Imagine for instance the ritual where semen is used, for example in sigil magick, how powerful that sigil must be if charged with sexual energy manifest in physical form.

That would be anecdotal should I make one out of a search term. But I digress. There is more important work to be done. First, not to dissappoint my readers nor myself, to provide more interesting insights. As you may know I am currently manifesting a lot of things, more than usual, so my next post will come immediately and will be titled “MPH – Manifestations Per Hour”.