So here we go with another article published only minutes after the last article, what more appropriate thing to do when writing about an increase of productivity than to be more productive hence the immediate follow-up.

You probably know the measure for speed, Miles Per Hour or MPH, but I would like to introduce the next fabulous term, Manifestations Per Hour, which also can be termed MPH. (To avoid confusion I will only use the term MPH about the latter).

Why the need for such a term?

Well in my case it is the need to describe the rate of which magickal manifestations happen on a day-to-day basis.

When did this need arise?

A few weeks ago when I suddenly noticed that I am not manifesting stuff every month, or every week, nor even daily but that several magickal manifestations is happening now at such a rate, I have several happen to me within a single day.

So a day has 24 hours, and something magickal happens 4 times a day, the formula will be

Screenshot from 2013-05-01 23:42:05


And there it is, my manifestations ocuring on a mathematical scale, although maybe I missed a few while I was asleep, most events happen while I am awake, (although a lot of things are happening behind the scenes, I am sure). That translates to about 16-17% effectiveness. Which is quite good considering the time and energy I put into rituals must be ten times less (or less).

I have to invent the next scale which will be PI, which stands for Possibly Impossible – for all those things manifesting around me which is impossible to imagine possible. (Or atleast very hard).

Like I mentioned in around three or four posts ago, the list goes on and on. But I would like to give just a few examples from just this day to get an idea. So here is my entire day:

I get up in the morning at 7, I find the coffee machine is already on, which is kind of strange since my espresso machine usually is set to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity, I make my wonderful espresso and go outside into the garden, where I am greeted by birds singing. I read my email on my ipad, and its only good news. A project I have been working on has been full of praise from the customer. And finally my new iPhone 5 would work since my LifeProof case blocked all sound, I had to use iPhone 4 for an extended time (since its LifeProof case was more audible) but finally had another military-grade protection shell on it that would work. Another email from someone I have not heard from in one year but which I thought about the day before just magickally sent me an email writing how he just remembered me out of nowhere as if struck by lightning.. then an email about something I won, a promotion, another assigment, then I get an SMS from a young friend offering to help. So I ask him over and he does some work around the house. (Yay- people are working for me for free) I find time to look at a project where I tried to help another friend with an electrical scooter for his 8 year old daughter. By some coincidence I realize that although I knew he had used the wrong charger (his kid had lost it and he’d use a 500mA charger on a 9Ah battery with 2.7A max current…) I found that it did not work on the trottle unless I short out the resistor to the voltage regulator to ground with a screwdriver, but something said in my head that this is the way it is supposed to work, that indeed the engine should NOT move when hitting the throttle, UNLESS the wheel is being turned, as the scooter is being pushed. And lo and behold, when took a leap and pushed it a single step and hit the throttle, the little tiny electronic circuit sensed the movement and thus turned on the engine. Problem solved. I printed out a piece of paper with a proper charger that will do the job from a car parts online shop. Then I get an SMS from my dad who is bored and wants to take a trip out to my place. Which he NEVER does – I am always the one visting him. He brought a cake! I made coffee.. and he told me he is working on a project to build new loudspeakers to my stereo which will replace my Goldstar(tm) ones with custom made ones according to specifications and using parts from a high-end (reference class) type that is highly advanced. I didn’t tell him I saw those speakers at around 2000 dollars only yesterday in a Hi-Fi magazine and wished I had a pair. For free. Now I am getting them. For free. My dad leaves happy after a couple of hours having explained about this project and another project where he is building for himself a panorama camera, using parts bought online, and that he offered to help me finally fix some shelves in my shed. Then I go to a customer who has problems with a database, spend 5 minutes fixing it. As I drive back I get an SMS from my ex boyfriends stephdad saying he has some aluminium wheels (summer tires) for my car, wondered if I would have them for free. Great. Only few days ago when I ran into him at a Bruce Springsteen concert (no I was not there just passing by) he happened to notice I had all-year tires (I use studded tires in winter and have been planning to get rid of doing all-year tires during summer and getting summer tires proper). So I say yes thank you, and he’ll have them to my place on monday. Finally tired after the whole day I considered if I should go get laid then an old lover came to me instead, which I’ve not seen in a long time, but had recent fantasies about, and I never, never would have thought that he would offer to do the things I had a fantasy about, even without me asking for it or mentioning it or even thinking about it. Even sex felt spiritual today. It is a reminder that once you get everything you ask for – be careful what you ask, because you WILL get it – one way or another. So far I mentioned only material things that manifested. I could have mentioned all the spiritual things that manifested, too, but it is not worth mentioning, since they are so hard to describe in words anyway and words would just limit, not be adequate to describe. But I can say something about how it feels like to experience everything both spiritual and material.

1) Animal side – My familiar enity representing my animal/nature side is a Wolf (archetype). It manifests visibly sometimes, sometimes as first person (I am the wolf) or sometimes as a visible entity (I look at a wolf) knowing that no matter what – I am looking through/at a part of myself. He does not speak, only communicates telepathically.

2) Child self – My curious self, very rarely manifests as an external entity, since I am mostly using this archetype as my main archetype and look at the world through him. He looks like 11 year old me, but with the experience of many lifetimes. It may explain why I look 20-25 years young to most people while I am actually 35.

3) Astral self – My astral me, is normally an astral version of my child self, to travel to other dimensions.

4) Spirit self – very high but still lower spiritual entity of light that is the representation and reflection of my HGA.

5) HGA 

5 and 6 is not worth talking too much about in this instance.