I was out of town yesterday visiting my friend. He is the sort of type who would remind you about LeStat in the movie “an interview with a Vampire” and he is also in a Left Hand Path group that does energy-vampirism and works with things like jumping into people’s bodies and eternal life by reusing another body, etc. Quite fascinating.

I spent my Saturday with him, on my idea to walk in the forest. We came to this peak, on a young volcano rock (maybe only few million years old) and had a piknik overlooking the North Sea, enjoying lunch. Of course my vampire friend had to sit in the shadows (or else the Sun would interfere with his captured energies) and there were no garlic in our food.. and I had steel bullets in my gun, no silver  😀

A small bird came up to us real close, and it had a lot of things to tell us, apparantly. It was fighting with its animal instinct to run, but its spirit was attracted to our spirits, so it had a hard time avoiding to come close (<1m) for the whole time we were there. Unfortunately we don’t understand birdspeak so we can only guess what the intended message were.

He knows the local history of the place, but he let me take a moment to feel the energies at that place. They were:

Element: Fire

Kabbalah: Malkuth

Zodiak: Capricorn

Planet: Saturn or Mercury

Entities: Trolls, elves, traditional Norse folk-lore

The energy subjectively feels utterly creative, but in a strong Earth setting, you feel like working like a Gnome to pick metal out of the mineral rich stone.

We found stones big as a bucket but weighing almost nothing.

Mundane people would also reach the peak, and they would sit down and talk about politics.

The past history of the place is one of industry, innovation, at one time the place was Norways biggest producer of alcohol, back in the old days when it was illegal not to have atleast a liter of alcohol in your home. Yes you read correctly. In the old times you HAD to have alcohol and the country sheriff could impose a hefty fine if he come knocking on your door and you didn’t have one.

Also in the past, a LOT of witches was burned at the stake in this place…