General update

I have been very busy lately, meaning I have experienced real things outside of the internet, which is a healthy sign of course, but I am sorry to you my dear readers who did not see any updates from me in a while. I promise to write more regularly, as I will explain in more detail how I will see it happen, and since I have so many new experiences, I decided to make a single post update with multiple subchapters.

First, let me start off to say I have been through a renewal process during these weeks, and I have realigned my center of gravity both physically, esoterically and on all the other levels. It has been really nice to make quantum leaps of understanding. Looking back at the last two weeks of transformations, and looking back even further one year, five years, ten years, I just go: “Wow”, as I look back at everything with completely new eyes.

Magickal update


I was ony 12 years old when I first played the game “Heavy on the Magick” for my 8-bit computer. Little did I know I would look into the mirror one day and see myself just like the character of this game, robed, mystical, surrounded by occult books and alchemist tinctures.

Three days ago me and a friend of mine walked around Oslo. We come from different kind of temples with different kind of esoteric practise. But we both agreed – after talking a few hours at length – that the higher your understanding is – the closer you are towards being the god of your own universe – to achieve self-deification.

What this exactly means may be described very different depending on what tradition you ask. But we found that the more your understanding, the easier it is to communicate with another esoteric person, even if that person is working another system, and even if the systems we work with use completely different words, or language, to describe the same things.

We might have different gods, different deities, and different ideas about the reality of these gods and entities. But it does not matter what their name is, what their nature is, how they exist or even if they exist outside my body or not.

The ONLY thing that matters is our understanding of the mystery. It does not matter that our grade systems don’t compare well, or that his system has five degrees and my system has (up to) ten. (Or more). We arrived at the conclution that we are exactly at the same level of understanding. We also realised we arrived at our current understanding only few weeks ago. This realization is subjective, but it is interesting to note we are at the similar level, and we invented a simple language to describe our level of current understanding of the mystery:

A person driving a car.

In the case of Muggles (a Harry Potter reference to an ordinary human being without any magickal ability or skill)  they are in the car, they may know that they’re in the car, but they don’t know how to control the car. They just whine and bitch and complain when the car hits something or the ride is uncomfortable or become happy when the car drives past a nice scenery but the bottom line is they do not control their own lives.

In the case of an apprentice or magickal novise, he knows he is in the car, and he can sometimes find some knob or control that could change the cars direction, and sometimes even find that he can control the car, but he doesn’t have this ability most of the time.

In the case of the slighly better magickian onward, he has control over the car only sometimes, but forgets that most of the time, the car is actually moving.

We arrive at this stage that we realize the car is moving, we have control over the car sometimes, but its just really hard to remember that this is the way things are. (Problem is, most people are asleep… including magickians).

The adept will probably find the steering wheel, have control over it sometimes, but forgot to bring the right map.

A real god of his own universe would have the car on cruise-control and have a GPS satnav.

Current events update

Everyone have been so duped by the media to follow the possible idea of a nuclear war in Korea. I said: wait and see, a few weeks later everybody forgets….. now it’s like… nuclear war? that’s so last week…

Freemasons update

My other friend from Spain is a Muggles, but is sensitive to occult matters, having been given a brief introduction one year ago by me. And he really, really, really is desperate to join the freemasons to “become a better person”. He called once but got no response. I could ask one of my friends in the freemasons to set him up but I know most people in my own country not his. So I told him this advice:

Me: Write a letter. Hand-written. Don’t do it on the computer.

Him: Why?

Me: These guys are traditionalists. They didn’t have computers in the 17th century. Hand-written is more personal. They will understand more about your personality and your true motives for joining the freemasons this way.

Him: Ahh, I understand….

Me: Use a nice piece of paper. And use a black pen…

Him: Why?

Me: Because blue is so modern, and in the old days they used black ink.

Him: Ahh, I understand….

Me: And write each word carefully, with intention, write beautifully and let your wish of entering be incompassed into every letter woven into the piece of paper.

Him: Why?

Me: Because if you focus so much time and energy on this letter, you actually use magick to infuse your Will into it, so that it actually becomes a ritual by itself and that ritual will work.its.magick…

Him: That is really a good idea!

Me: Elementary, my dear  ….

Me: And you should start off by writing a little introduction about yourself, who you are, what you do these days and how you see yourself grow from being part of freemasonry. Then start explaining what you wish to accomplish in life. Start from there.

Him: But what will it cost….

Me: *sigh* you have to get a nice suit….

Him: Why?

Me: *siiiighhhhh* because back in the 17th century, only very rich aristocratic people could affort the time/energy to explore the universe or become philosophers. Most people had to work 12 hours a day to put half a piece of bread on the table. These days, everyone has time to explore, but still because of tradition, they wear the “split” as a uniform.


And so on the questions by this Muggle, but I do hope some day he will find his peace in the freemasons. Lets see how the letter thing will go.

Car updates

Owning a car means lots of responsibilities. But if you own a car, please don’t read the manual in the glove box. Spend the little money needed to buy the complete service manual. I bought a manual for my car and it opened up a whole new world for me. Not only can I see that I can easily do most repairs myself, but I can also see it has a very advanced maintenance checklist system (daily, weekly, monthly, six-months, yearly maintenance reviews). Doing these checklists, makes sure I have everything under control. Do you even know what exact specification your gearbox oil should be? Or that you can check the health of your alternator in just a few steps? It means a lot to know these things, trust me. An ounce of prevention is a ton of relief off your back.

Email update

I still get emails from people, and keep em coming. Sometimes I will repost them on my blog (anonymously) but if your question is very unique, you will get a direct reply.