tmccbI notice everyone around me, colleagues and friends, have been ‘preparing for easter’, mostly because it is a public holiday, people tend to find their skis, go to a cabin in the mountains, or go on holiday. Some of my more enlightened friends would spend the time during easter to do rituals and contemplations related or unrelated to the symbolism of Christian mysticism, or find themselves just correlating the public holiday with a more hedonistic pagan view of the time of vernal equinox and renewal.

For me, it’s just a time of enjoying that the winter is ending and summer is coming soon. I love to spend some time in nature, listening to the birds, trees and just the entire mother earth waking up from the winter slumber.

I have friends over for visit and I make good food.

We go over to the shooting range and practice shooting at moving targets. My favourite is no longer Beretta 92 but Walter PPK (Same as James Bond use).

The color for Easter is Yellow, since the color of Air is Yellow and Air is in East, as in Easter. It is also where the sun is rising, where darkness and light is equal amount.