photoI got the results in from the recent hair sample I sent to the lab. If you compare to an article I wrote some time ago, I wanted to take supplementary mineral/vitamins to bring the unbalance back into order. I think the results are clear that some change has indeed happened. Things seem more balanced now – but I learned a lot since the last time.

First, the trace elements are not so important by themselves, it is the ratio between them that matter. So although I have reduced a tendency for Calcium (Ca) and Sodium (Na)  to be elevated, what was once a symptom of one kind of stress is now relieved by another symptom of stress, the ratio between Calcium (Ca) and Phosphor (P) and Sodium (Na) is very low (1 :1,67) and Magnesium (Mg) is very high (1: 11.25) to give an example.

What all this means is I still have things to fix, and I moved from a slow metabolism to a fast one.

I can reduce vitamins/pills from 17 per day to about 4, and I can start seeing more results from exercise.