I had a talk with my nutritional+naturopath therapist today, as we are both busy people we both met in a Cafe. Which is kind of odd since coffee is on the list of things to cut back on. Anyway she offered me a cup of coffee, and we talked about my results which are just in from the lab, from the recent hair sample I sent in. As it turns out, I have balanced most of my minerals and vitamins, and even changed metabolic mode from slow to fast.

She is a Christian, one of the born-again types. Little does she know perhaps about my corresponding diametrically different belief (which is perhaps just as well) but she talked about things going wrong in her house, almost like a curse, everything goes wrong one thing after another, she fixes one thing, then call someone to fix it, then something else breaks. She said it’s like God is trying to tell her something, perhaps that it is time to move out. And that there was perhaps something she owns she should get rid of.

I am not clairvoyant, but being a very intuitive (and open-minded person) I suddenly got a flash of image in my head of a white bed, white painted metal ornated, and I got the idea that she should get rid of that bed. As I told her this casually, she got this weird look on her face, and told me that this was the thing she had thought all along to get rid of, but never told anyone.

She got curious of how I could read this and also how I could guess also that her sister (who isn’t a believer) has had problems in her life possibly because of a voodoo curse, I just said, well, The Great Architect works in mysterious ways, and that maybe she should book an appointment with a shaman who could come and bang some drums around. She said that would not be possible since a shaman is not a Christian.

I prescribed her to sprinkle some Holy Water on her bed, as a temporary solution. She accepted this advice. I told her how to make holy water in case she finds it difficult to get, but she actually knew the procedure (as all good christians should). I feel quite good about being open minded and non-judgemental enough to be able to help someone, even if it is really nothing.

Then, as we walked from the Cafe she said to me, that she can see hope when she meets people like me. And that nothing is really by accident. And that I must have seen the light too.

I couldn’t agree more.