So it is the Equinox and what better time than to celebrate the birth of the Sun, than to let the refreshing light (LVX) shine upon your material life. Since I bought the book “Unclutter your life in one week”, it’s been 2 years, until I can finally say my life IS uncluttered. Only for me, it took slightly more than one week.

japanese-zen-diningThis picture is an inspiration to how I would like ideally my living space to look like. I believe that how you live your life in the physical also impact you in the mental and spiritual, so creating open space for energy to flow will also unlock blockages.

Like clearing out a blockage, a burst of negativity may erupt. So when I was spring cleaning the house, I also decided it was time to take out the trash, in the literal as well as the metaphysical way, and I put an end to a toxic friend relation that had gone way out of control.

The question I had to ask myself, and this is a question you could try to find out for yourself whether a friend relation is toxic or not is:

Can I trust you always, and does spending time with you create a happy emotion, and enrich my life?

Likewise you can ask the opposite question, like Can I never trust you, and does spending time with you create a bad emotion, and cause loss in my life?

If you find it is a negative result, run. Fast. get out of the relationship. Because that relationship will take energy from you and prevent you from having other relations that are positive and that will build you up. Take my word for it, not only do you lose whatever you lose to the toxic relationship, but you create additional problems and blockages that prevent more good stuff to happen.

Perhaps you were let down one day, and you didn’t go to a party where you would meet your next friend for life.