We all make priorities. Some good, some bad. Well, according to me, there is no right or wrong. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’ are dualistic labels that really describe the same. But linguistically I mean what is essentially ‘Good’ for me, will be positive as in feel good, creative, constructive, growth and so on, and what is bad is destructive, counter-productive and so on. Hold on, did I say destructive? Sometimes the destruction of a bad relationship is good. It might be painful at first, then it gets better, then it feels just good.

Looking at your past will give an indicator on how you prioritize your life. It’s like sitting in a boat, you look behind the boat and see the ripples of small waves that shows a trail of where the boat has been. The ocean is the sea of possibilities and randomness, where for every situation A you make a choice B which results in C.

This is where the future can be controlled, by observing and becoming conscious on how you make your changes. You can’t accurately predict the future,  but you can predict each little step you take towards the future, the sum of all these steps will shape the future you will spend the rest of your life in.

I just completed a cycle that has taken nearly one year to get through, in a way I started out with a ritual in the beginning to help focus the changes I needed to take. Little did I know it became a mega-ritual witch would touch all aspects of my life, and only recently did everything fall into place. It’s been chaos, I had to redefine every relation privately and professionally, as everything I asked for initially (but did not at the time see the consequences) came into being.

If you’ve seen old episodes of the 80’s films The Wishmaster, you should know he was right… you should be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

Now then, try to look at your ripples in the water, and see if you dare change how you deal with life. .

On another matter, the most highly indexed search results for this site is currently ‘Invocation of Lucifer’. How many would like me to describe how that would actually be done, (just for fun of course, you cannot really invoke Lucifer).