What better time to mark my second year of my blog,, than to pause a moment and revise my Luciferian Principles, having past another full Moon and just in front of the vernal equinox of March 20th, 2013, the rebirth of the Sun. It’s certainly been a journey, since I first started out documenting my Luciferian Path online, about this time in 2011. Not only for me personally, which has been a huge reward, but from all of my dear readers and those of you who were kind to provide feedback, questions and insightful comments. To you, I say thank you. You all know who you are.

At times I pondered the question: “Am I on the right path”?  – “Is Luciferianism beyond definition”? – “Is there no end to the nagging feeling that since Luciferianism cannot be defined authoritatively or canonically, that the whole idea is just a daydream”?

I set out to find my unique path. It draws on ancient as well as new currents and traditions, on past, present and future, but most of all, it has become a looking-glass of which I view the world, and my own spiritual development, to find peace and balance, in order to work with different traditions and magickal systems and diciplines I want to advance in. 

There is the warning that every initiate receive that the occult path is indeed equal to hardship.

And. Trust. Me. It. Is.

This past year has been just ridiculous. But the chaotic changes that were invoked were necessary, fun and I say I asked for it since many of the forces I invoked early on came hitting hard, like I never expected.

Now I can laugh of how it all came through, but it has been an amazing past two years. I am finding correspondances in my life through my dream diary (a handwritten record of dreams I keep near my bedside), my journal (where I note down certain goals, aspirations and things I wish to change), and professional life, even more unlikely, i am discovering and re-discovering parts of my own childhood where I saw certain symbols and correspondances which later came into play and made sense.

I can now trust fully that what I ended up doing today had its beginnings in my fascinations and being drawn to occult ways of looking at the world, which is comparable to the “indigo child”, a spiritual child who feels strangely alienated to “normal” society and feel different, and have certain special talents or psychic ability and so on that you typically find in an “indigo”. I stumbled myself over the Luciferian Sword (order)’ s definition, and embraced it since it is the by far only explanation of my past (and present, and future) that fully describe me and that fully resonate within me.

So here we go, the revised Luciferian Principles.