I write as often as I can, and as some observant readers may have noticed, there has not been an update in a few days because of some changes in my life. I got a new job. With new work comes new responsibilities, and with this job I am certain that I can combine my skills better, as a Luciferian. I can use my outgoing personality half of the time, and my introvert personality the other half of the time. It is a perfect Yin/Yang balance.

50% of the time will be consultancy work, handling large clients such as airports, governments and banks, they need my architect skills in network and security, and the human skills of just making stuff happen. 

The other 50% of the time will be solving real technical problems that involve the latest computer technology in the field of network and security, such as write software to manage large firewall clusters or how to secure and connect big networks together. 

I had an esoteric epiphany. 

The Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is a process, sometimes you can say it is the goal, of any enlightenment. Magickal or Mystical. 

Here is what I realized.

All the angles, daemons, and spirits, you work with or have interacted with, every archetype such as Buddha, Satan, Lucifer, Osiris, Leviathian, are aspects of your true self, being manifested by the singularity that you are.

A Luciferian is self-employing himself as a spiritual archetype with only parts of links to existing collective shared archetypes, but it remains unto the individual luciferian to attach meaning to, and therefore build this archetype.

This archetype is the HGA.

The work of becoming a Luciferian is to build the “temple” for the HGA. The HGA contains the potential for becoming and switching among, all the gods and deities past present or future. 

The powers are only limited by the physical body, but when combined with the mind, and the connection to the astral plane and beyond, the possibilities become infinite. 

That is why you share a body similar to anyone in past history who accomplished great things, or who lead great empires, there is nothing different from you or them, except, the mind, the astral and the above, and they are all influenced by, and emanating from, the singularity that which is your divine self.

Gain the conversation with this ultimate source, and you shall rejoin the fullness and conquer the divine power to become, or do, anything beyond fantasy and manifest it into reality.