Well the last week has been interesting, enough to keep me very busy in my personal life, which has brought many changes. Interestingly, the backdrop for this week of unusual decision-making on my personal part, has been sprinkled with celestial and earthly events, that could almost be described as biblical omens. There is the Pope resigning, the meteor descending upon Russia, and other natural events all around the world happening.


The word entropy has many uses, I use the word entropy in the context of information, closest to my field, (although the usual use of the words is in thermodynamics). I can explain entropy as a measure of unpredictability, I often use it to describe when some random information is truly random, which is important in cryptology. But the same term could be applied to space/time reality.

Take one example (from Wikipedia)

(..) Now consider the example of a coin toss. When the coin is fair, that is, when the probability of heads is the same as the probability of tails, then the entropy of the coin toss is as high as it could be. This is because there is no way to predict the outcome of the coin toss ahead of time – the best we can do is predict that the coin will come up heads, and our prediction will be correct with probability 1/2. Such a coin toss has one bit of entropy since there are two possible outcomes that occur with equal probability, and learning the actual outcome contains one bit of information. Contrarily, a coin toss with a coin that has two heads and no tails has zero entropy since the coin will always come up heads, and the outcome can be predicted perfectly. Most collections of data in the real world lie somewhere in between.

It would seem things were less ‘chaotic’ this week, which results in more ‘chaos’

Actually there are people and organizations who flip coins all the time  (or more correctly they use computers that simulate millions of flips of coins every second), measuring the ration, which should be 50% coin and 50% head. Whenever this ratio change, there is a ‘disturbance in the force’ (Star Wars (movie) reference) or a disturbance in the fabric of quantum reality, one could say. Some people think there is a relation between such a change in randomness, and the outcome of world events in the following short time.


I have observed over the last 7 days a similar entropy change, that I notice almost always happen just before a disaster. I have a radio-clock that gets it time via shortwave radio, that is, it is self-adjusting, taking in a radio beacon from somewhere in Germany, which in turn is synchronized with a nuclear clock. I have found that it is always right, except just before an earthquake, nuclear disaster, or even just before Michael Jackson died. I am not making this up, and I found it just amusing the first times this happened, but since I have learned that within the next 24-48 hours of my clock being off, there will be a big disaster in my personal life, in the world’s collective consciousness, or in the earth itself. So that was when I was a bit worried last thursday when I had a lucid dream of nightmarish porpotions, I overslept and missed work, only to notice my nuclear-radio watch showing 15:53 instead of 10:53. I knew I was in for a ride.

I now realize my nuclear clock is also an indicator of entropy, just like the people who flip coins, I also have an indicator of how real reality flows at the time.

I don’t know if the Pope resigning should be seen as a disaster, (who cares) but it certainly is a strange sign when you combine it with all the other signs, (seen globally – plus the signs that I had just on a personal level).

It is for me very interesting to say that entropy should be measured like the weather, as incredibly less chaos (less random) creates more chaos (more unusual events that often seem disastrous) – what a paradox.

The lightning hitting the sixtine chapel twice just after the pope resignes is interesting, just as interesting is why I subconciously was drawn to writing an article with the image of lightning only four days before.

Four days, four minutes, I think madonna had a song about four minutes, four years ago. You may find it interesting to try to interpret her lyrics. And Madonna is a catholic name too.