ligtningIt’s the two (corrected mistake) year anniversary of my blog, and I wanted to celebrate by writing this article, which kind of sums up some important aspects that I may not have focused on directly, but which my readers can follow as a red thread throughout all my post, to a varying degree.

In this article, I will talk a little about energy, how it is felt, and how to control it. To do that I will present these numbered axioms for the reader to consider. Feel free to post your comments below.

1. Potential

Energy will only have movement between two points of potential, let’s say from point A to point B, or else it is not flowing, not moving, but is stationary, like a disconnected battery, it has potential there, but unless you complete the circuit the energy has nowhere to go. You are this battery, and you can control how you are wired up to release this potential. You can use various ways to intercept other movements of energy, to charge your own battery, but it requires action on your part, and to use the potential of others, and create the movement, or hook up to an existing exchange of energy. How does it feel? Well now you know why you are naturally attracted to energetic and healthy people. Your body will try to absorb all kind of energy that is positive to you. Learn to realise where there is potential, and connect to it.

2. Flow

When the wind is blowing, you can feel its presence, and there is real exchange of energy. It is how the planet was first explored, by ship traveling the seven seas by the movement of the element of air, to move a vessel of the earth through the waters, carrying the element of fire, symbolic of the combined forces of all elements and the spirit element of the explorer, the one who controls all elements.

A room full of air that is not moving is not flow, only potential. Similarly a bucket full of water that your kids placed over your entrance door is not flowing until you open the door, so it represents potential. Only at the time the potential is released, will the water flow from point A, the bucket, to your body, point B. It is where energy potential is in motion that you can feel its presence, and it is the time you can manipulate it, or detect it, so as to redirect and manipulate the energy as it is flowing.

You will know when creativity is flowing, is when you actually get to do your work most brilliantly and effectively. Before you had an idea and set it in motion, you may be happy to realise the potential of your idea, but it is only when ideas are truly flowing that you can see the results, and feel the results.

You notice the flow of energy when a particular person is near you and gives a fantastic presentation, or a friend who is inspiring you, or a lover who directs his/her love onto you. These kinds of energies charge us and inspire us to be the charge for others and the inspiration for others. If you are inspiring others, lets say 100 people, you don’t lose this energy, actually you also get energy in return, that is why you always feel so good about positive feedback.

3. Feeling

Feeling is picking up energy in motion, measuring energy and tapping into the energy brought from the source of the energy. It is when you become aware of the source of the energy, as if you are walking on the beach one warm and sunny day, you can feel the heat, and see the light, you cannot avoid noticing the source that lights up the day, the sun shining in the sky, the source of lifegiving energy and warmth.

The Sun is the very obvious source of energy, but there are many hidden and subtle sources of energy. Therefore in astrology, the sun, moon, planets, and stars become symbols of energy with different qualities, or spiritual variables represented by different entities or even deities or permutations of deities. Forget about the intellectual definition of archetypes or supernatural entities for a moment – and consider how they feel, how you relate to an apparition of a ghost in your kitchen, compared to a successful invocation of a spiritual being that you work to incur, or how you curiously enjoy seeing a butterfly on a summer day land on a flower, how you connect to mother nature and find symbolism and joy and meaning in the simplest of things.

Feeling is measuring by connecting to an energy that has potential that is flowing, but it also means qualitatively analyzing that energy using the senses.

4. Sensing

Feeling energy is by sensing its presence by the help of your senses. A doctor may tell you you have 5 or maybe 6 or even 7 senses. The obvious is represented in the human body as eyes, ears, nose, hand, tongue, representing sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

The not so obvious is the hidden ones. Like a shaolin munk who can block the sudden, silent and unexpected attack with a sword, being blindfolded using occult methods, commonly referred to as the “sixth sense” or “hidden sense” that is acheived through years of training, and maybe only the palms of his hands to stop the razor-sharp sword. Or the zen monk who can shoot an arrow blindfolded and hit the bullseye. The ninja who can assasinate the Shogun by relying on cat-like reflexes, balancing on a piece of rope strung between two places, silently moving in the night, climbing a brick wall and entering the palace and finishing the job and then disappearing in the dark without a trace.

Or the sense that tells you that something is going to happen before it happens. The “gut feeling” that has saved you many times, or when it didn’t, you realize things had gone well, had you only listened to your belly. Now we are getting somewhere close in the art of applying the law of attraction, by realizing the obvious ways energy is found and manipulated, especially the subtle energies, that can create the most interesting results.

There is a book written on the whole subject of intuition like this, detecting things in an instant without thinking, it’s actually appropriately called Blink – the art of thinking without thinking and I recommend you read it – as it will teach you some very nice skills in the art of using your gut feeling.

So you have a wide area of sensing, some are obvious, other are hidden, and most of the subtler ones require the treatment of an artist, hence practice, respect and an open mind ready to listen to the sound of one hand clapping. The more you realize this kind of arts, the closer you get to awakening your genius.

5. Classification – result – good or bad feeling

In biology, microbiology in the world of single-cell organisms, a single cell will only have two feelings (or so it may seem), resulting in only two thoughts, resulting in only two actions. They are:


These are the basic building blocks of feelings, the feelings are the result of analyzing the potential energy during flow of energy, measuring it by senses, analyzing and indicating a feeling, this creates a thought, compare to the astral entity of that real event, the “astral double” of that macro-reality, which in turn provokes a certain action.

In more complicated beings, there may be many varying degrees of FEELING which may result in more complicated THOUGHT and thereby invoking even more complex ACTIONS and set of actions, combined with memory, neural net and learning, and combining different feelings, thoughts, and comparing them to the database of historic results, which in turn can change.

Even more complicated beings such as humans may sometimes take pain as pleasure, such can be distracting to my example but the point is to illustrate that the very basic feeling is reduced to only two, pleasure or pain, good or bad.

So when you find yourself unsure about something, try to see if your combined senses tell you “good” or “bad”. Remember, your body is made up of millions of single cells, and they are communicating together in a neural net. Their combined effort will tell you with overwhelming majority what they think, but often they are overruled by an over-active intellect overwriting and rewriting thought.

Whatever they are, they are the result of the energy transaction so far, your action may manifest as absorbing, changing or redirecting energy or setting into motion events or ideas and so on that trigger new events and thus new exchanges of energy. Whatever it is, it is movement, either in the physical plane or the astral plane, and if you are a magickian, you know that anything created in the astral plane must manifest in the physical plane.

6. Manifestation

The manifestation of the energy may simply stop in the astral world, but it always necessitates a manifestation of some kind in the physical. You feel cold, so your hairs rise on your body. You close your jacket. If you are hot you remove something. Sun in your eyes, it hurts, you avert your eyes. Someone scolds you with harsh words, they are all ideas manifesting on the astral yet your body flinches. Read a good book and your heart races as each word fly over the page, even though it is just ink on paper the idea manifest and reflects manifestation.

7. Reflection

Reflection is the way your eye sees colors, a single ray of white light may shine on your red flower in the window, the electrons in every atom in the flower will be excited and jump in and out for every photon, absorbing and generating another photon with a frequency tuned to the one corresponding to red light, so only red light is reflected, and small special cells in your eye senses this, sends and electrical signal to your brain, and what you think is red, and what you think you are seeing is what you see when you simply see a red flower.

Even when you are alone, you are not alone, there are millions of independant and single cells working together to present to you what you think is you. You are not even you, you are a sum of individuals known as cells, and the universe is energy in different flows creating the actions that permit time. These actions can be considered reflections with alterations, not only energy moving from A to B but being altered, manipulated, and in here lies the root cause of

8. Change

Change is inevitable since it is being caused by motion of energy moving from A to B while in transition being altered by observation, so change is not only inevitable, but it is impossible to evade, whenever energy moves, there will be change involved.

9. Time

Time itself does not exist except in the reflection of everything that is not time. Since time does not exist, you need a watch to show it. A mechanical device to prove to you that time exists in the way that you need to relate to time, as the whole world around you relate to time, as does the planet earth, the seasons, and its inhabitants. It is a way to control the cause and effects of events, by slicing them into manageable slices of time/space.

10. Space

Space is the potential for there to be non-space. It is the void, the dimension that must hold point A and point B where point B is geographically different than point A. Or, in the astral plane, where A takes on a form and shape thus idea different than B.

12. Limit

Within the universe holding all dimensional planes there is a space-time continuum that can hold the paralell planes that contain each dimensions that can hold the potential for flow of energy that can be sensed, measured and thus by the theory of relativity has to be changed so that it moves and becomes something else and can be reflected on another plane of existance.

13. Energy

Energy is light in relation to mass and velocity, where of course, by science, mass is not really understood, but the theories of recent sub-atomic particles and quantum mechanics take on even funnier names they can be compared to astrological symbols and ancient elements used to symbolically describe aspects that can infinitly combine into something somewhat tangible.

14. Light

The light is the mystery of the universe. The photons we see are only a reflection of the real light that shine through a transparent universe in all its paralell planes and existances, across time and universes.