It’s funny how change can affect our lives, at first we can experience pain if something familiar and safe is suddenly removed, and what has been changes into something else. The lesson to learn is that in nature nothing is permanent. Every mountain will ultimately decline, as the flowing water eats away at it, and forge new paths and divisions for every ice age. The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of life, change, and a reminder of the fragility of the moment.

Liberated Way

How I deal with change.

Last weekend I encountered a butterfly, and some readers commented how it was a symbol of change.  This butterfly also reminded me that this beautiful creation was a fragile and temporary life.  Life is always changing, often those changes can be unexpected and those things that we tend to take for granted can be lost to us.

Change did come to me this week, to my business.  Circumstances in three large business customers changed unexpectedly.  Though I had not lost any of those customers, they presented me with challenges and uncertainties that changed my relationship to them.  Change in life is rarely rainbows and happy smiles, more likely unexpected shocks, challenging and sometimes traumatic.

The first rule in dealing with change is to stay calm.  If you lose your head you are going to make mistakes and cause more problems for yourself.


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