igtced_boxshotA guy works in a government institution, answers phone calls from all the people who need whatever help they can get. It’s a boring job, with more idiots per call than the average population since the callers are people with real problems. I understand that.

So this guy gets frustrated, he decides to find an outlet for his frustration, and in a moment of creativity decides to make a computer game, effectively a cubicle-droid simulator. So this is his amazing way of telling a story, an interactive game, which enable other people to not simply be told, but actually get the look and feel of how his worklife must be. I understand that.

Then his employers fire him. I don’t understand that.

They fire this employee at the first sign of independant though. And it is not like he has revealed any big secret or even any private information. All the persons in the game are fictional. The braindead nature of his job it not fictional, and this is his storytelling. So basically the story is not false, and cannot see how the employer can try to redeem themselves by firing this man. Do they really think it will change the truth?

If I were the employer, I would applaud this independant thought, and unique way of expressing frustration. I would allow it to go mainstream, because people need to know how stupid other people are, and how frustrating some jobs can be. But, as an employer, I would try to teach the important lesson that although customers/callers misbehave, one should not get too frustrated about it, but find ways to deal with idiot callers.

Putting myself in his situation, I would basically have to answer like a robot. “No social security number? Please call back when you have your social security number. Have a nice day ** CLICK ***”

Agreed, I could see that at some time, I would too be frustrated, then make a video game, but maybe then already be well into another career.

I leave the conclution open for the reader, but do check out his computer game which got him fired, and please, offer this talented man a better job. And try his computer game, see how long you last in his shoes: http://www.davidsgallant.com/igtced.html

Update: Contrary to what the author says, the game will work under Linux, although with WINE extensions. Here is a screenshot of my Linux desktop. (Click to enlarge)