I was asked a question via email if I could recommend any books on the subject of Luciferian as a religion/philosophy.

In the end, I think maybe a true Luciferian cannot rely on any authoritative set of sources, or books.

I highly advise against the works of M Ford, which I think is counter-productive for any individual trying to become a Luciferian in the sense I think as a Luciferian. For many good reasons, one is that there can be no authority in defining exactly what Luciferian is and is not, second is that it lies in its own nature that such a profound self-realization as Luciferianism is, will be highly subjective and individual, I tried to describe some in the Luciferian Principles of my webpage, subject to revision every year, and another revision is due next week.

There are inspirational theories, philosophies and traditions, which of course will vary from person to person. Here is a short list of mine, just to give you an example of the variation of sources that combined inspired my outlook of myself, my spiritual self, and the archetype of Lucifer as a spiritual principle(*)

*) The spiritual principle of Lucifer, in the sense of the alchemical process of purification from black matter into gold, spiritually speaking the self deification (becoming like the gods), as in Prometeus, who stole fire from the gods, fire as symbol of knowledge, and so on.


  • Zen Buddhism, Japanese Religion/Philosophy
  • Greek Religion/Philosophy
  • Egyptian Religion/Philosophy
  • Nordic Relgion/Philosophy
  • Occult Western Traditions (for secrecy I cannot be very specific)
  • Gnosticism
  • Christian Gnosticism
  • Liber AL (OTO)
  • IT/Social Engineering, Hacking as an artform
  • Engineering/Various books and topics on simplicity and elegance in egineering and science
  • Music: Tchaikowsky, or Death Metal (no comparison intended)
  • Art (as art and philosophy of art)
  • Language (as a science and art)