A Luciferian will keep a clean house, aim for a healthy body and a peaceful frame of mind. There are some tips I will share on how to keep your house and surroundings clean and free from mold, mildew, dustmites and bacteria/viruses.


Most people know the usual stuff when it comes to cleaning, so I will not repeat the basic cleaning knowledge here. Suffice to say you should clean your house a little bit every day, and do one major cleaning every week. If you hire a person to do this, you must do spot checks for quality. Here I will present extended tips..

First of all, I am very glad I have a portable steamer. I can only use it on areas that can handle high pressure/high temperature forces, such as bathroom tiles, difficult spots in the kitchen, garden furniture, even the car engine and wheels to be cleaned. The blast quickly kills organisms by high temperature and cleans away the dirt, minimum water and no chemicals so it’s organically friendly.

I use steam cleaning on the bed and furniture, after vacuuming and I also vacuum afterwards. I do not have a central vacuum system, but I have invented an adapter which I have duct-taped onto my vacuum machine, so that all the invisible dust coming out of the vacuum machine that microscopically pass through the filter, is sent out via a 10 cm diameter flexible air hose out into free air. I think it is the first portable zero dust emission system in the world. I will post pictures of it later including the blueprints.

I use steam also on shirts as they are then cleaned and free for wrinkles, and in much less time than a regular iron.


But for the greatest bonus, consider cleaning your freezer or refrigerator. What they don’t show in commercials is how fast you can de-ice, and disinfect at the same time.

Another thing is toothbrush, of course you brush your teeth and floss atleast twice a day, but where and in what state do you leave your toothbrush? I put mine up-side-down in 96% alcohol, or you can even use listerine, as long as you put your toothbrush in any kind of disinfectant.

You will not believe how much colds, flu and fevers spread just because people infect themselves with the same diseases over and over, because they don’t understand how much bacteria lives on the toothbrush.

If you have access to a microcope, you can compare what is in your toilet, and you will find more dangerous organisms including viruses in your toothbrush, so take it seriously. Although the mainstream has not understood it and most dentist don’t understand how important this step is.