I was supposed to invoke TEX (the 30th enochian aethyr) according to plan, but I’ve suffered from a week of insomnia and inertia of the mind. I decided to put some use to a simpler, but nevertheless balancing, Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram to sort of kick-off the process. I cut a few corners as far as the ritual tools needed, but as usual I am interested in results not points for style.

So I invoked the purest form of spirit and air, fire, water and earth, and must admit afterwards I felt less tired than usual, perhaps because of my new-found perfected technique of not draining my own body in magickal rituals, but rather control the flow of the energy that is already there and channel the energy from above.

Despite this feeling of unusual wellbeing after such a energy-intensive ritual, my thoughts wandered to why the hell I bother doing magick at all. Perhaps it’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, that doesn’t do or help anyone, except boosting some people’s egos, while leaving others frustrated or tired. I was in for a surprise when I went to bed. I decided not to banish any of the forces invoked, just for the hell of it.

I had the most intense dream, actually it was more real than real, everything went on in a plane of existence containing fragments of my life, but everything was woven together at once, and there were elevators connecting each moment in life, including the future it would seem. It would take a whole trilogy of novels to begin to explain everything that went down, but believe me, it felt like living centuries of lives, at once. When I started waking up, I was surprised it was early and even before I set the alarm, and I expected to be very drowsy, considering I had only had 3 hours of sleep. It was the best morning I had had since I was around 8 years old and used to get up at 0600 in the morning to catch “Fun Factory” cartoons on SKY channel in the mid 80’s.

I noticed everything was so bright! The sun was shining outside but it seemed like a much more intense neon light was shining everywhere! The next two days, it was like I went on auto-pilot, whenever my body was procrastinating it was as if a higher power guided me, and before I knew it, I was going around completing many tasks that I had postponed for so long, some over a year. I finished painting the shed, sorting the attic, filing papers, clearing clutter, finishing IT projects, sending out bills to companies that owe me money, and in 48 hours I could see my earthly living fast transforming. By impulse I bought a new computer with 10 TB of hard drive on it – the one I am typing on now, and with 8 processors on it and satan knows how many gigabytes of RAM. I am drinking a powerful folk medicine from herbs I had almost forgotten – which native people in siberia think can cure about anything, it is a kind of fungus that grows on trees, that must be soaked in alcohol, then boiled to get all the oils out that do the actual healing. Then I realized that in only two days, what seemed like impossible tasks to finish – was finished. As if by magick.

(also why I haven’t blogged in a few days – been a little busy lately)