imagesLuciferians are sensitive beings, yet because they have stolen fire from the gods, thus becoming like the gods, they have the potential to find solutions where other people can not. But being like a god while not fully a god, a Luciferian, especially a young one, may not as of yet have learned how to harness his godlike powers, and is still trapped in a fragile mortal body.

The result is that Luciferians sometimes get their feelings hurt more easy when surrounded by mundane people who lack the insight and balance. Thus a Luciferian growing up as a child may become socially isolated, or even choose to become socially isolated, or keep to children who are like him. It would seem that a Luciferian easily can emulate how mortal society works and camouflage among the general population, but this gives little pleasure, he will always seek to his own.

Inevitably in life, the Luciferian will meet ‘difficult people’, that is to say, people that are more difficult than the average mundane person. I will post two different ways of handling them, sympathetically or hostile.

Sympathetic : When the difficult person is your friend.

  • Invoke the highest form of patience into your body and spirit. You may have to listen to, and endure high levels of nonsense.
  • After the person in question has emptied the talk, it’s time to shortly state, with irrefutable logic where that person fails. Since the list of failiure is likely to be long, focus on the top 3 mistakes.
  • Quitely explain the next logical action (do not bother to explain why).
  • Repeat this without flexibility, but help the person overcoming inertia of the mind. One example is that your idiot friend complains about toothache but is too afraid to go to the dentist. Book an appointment for them and tell them when and where to show up. If you want to go the extra mile, take their money up front when they complain, then drive them to the dentist and pay the fee for them, next time they will know how to handle the situation the next time.
  • Careful so that people don’t take advantage of you. Never let them know exactly how much you love them. A Luciferian will love his friends more than himself, and would risk his life to help another person that he loves. This must not be taken advantage of lightly.

Indifferenet: A person you don’t like, but don’t hate.

  • Do not listen to the other person. Clearly state your boundary or opinion if a third person is listening that you care about. In a professional situation, be corteous, but clearly state your opinion nevertheless.
  • Do  not give in to any kind of pressure. If the situation escalate, repeat your boundary position and prepare to retreat from the situation.

Hostile: When the difficult person is your enemy.

  • If you are trapped in a situation, it is time to escape, and invoke a posture of calm, as in martial arts.
  • When your limits are being overstepped, in spite of the implied warning it is time to go to direct warning. The enemy will receive only one warning.
  • If the warning is being ignored, use force only limited to escape.
  • If your escape is deterred or hindered, take out your enemy in such a way as to inflict as little damage as possible, but enough for you to get out of the situation.
  • In a last resort, destroy the enemy with any means necessary (fight to death).