I agree… blogging is such a simple way to express how you feel. It’s much more personal than having a profile on a closed-circuit forum, and it’s open to everybody.

Liberated Way

Blogging is a fast way to exchange knowledge, network and build a community.

The Guardian recently asked the followers of its sustainability section for one tip on how to  communicate sustainability to others.  I suggested blogging, and gave the Liberated Way as an example of such a blog.  This was a competition, the prize being a free place on a communications course.

My tip made the top five:

“My tip is use a blog to communicate sustainability values and ideas to people. I have started doing this through my blog at http://www.liberatedway.com”

I think people can be too clever or intellectual in trying to share the values of sustainability with others, which can discourage rather than motivate others to adopt a sustainable attitude and activity to our planet.  If humanity is to have a future on this planet then everyone has a part to play, so any tool or communication…

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