So what about nudity? True, the image of a nude body could easily provoke the idea of sex, at first sight. Public nudity seems to be a thing of the past, like the Greek society of old, where adolescent boys performed sports in gymnasiums in the bare nude. Nudity is a thing of the private sphere, or porn, or advertising playing on sex. Therefore in a modern society where most adults are wearing clothes, nudity will mostly be associated to art, or erotica.

Of course as humans, we are hard-wired to respond to sexual signals. Not all sexual signals are about not wearing clothes. Even clothes can be a sexual signal. Advertising seem to notice this hard-wiring, as the body finds sexual signals interesting, the idea is to interweave a commercial message in between the sexual image. The result being, that the population is now trained to respond to a lot of sexual signals, even though the purpose is to sell a commercial product.

Nudity in videos and pictures, are almost always censored on social media such as Facebook or Youtube. For example the video below, by Sandra Kolstad, a female artist, has tried to redefine what nudity means, and to promote the idea that nudity doesn’t have to be only about sex (but could be, but so could any ordinary item – like a toothbrush).

The argument for censorship is usually to limit the exposure to children. And maybe old people. Since these groups don’t need to process sexual signals (which is logical). But what is very illogical to me is how advertising can be allowed to bring sexual suggestive images in everyday life, everywhere, but a work of art that is not designed to be a sexual signal, not be allowed.

Norway (and Scandinavia) is usually very open society and relaxed about nudity, for example we have a park in the middle of Oslo, containing hundreds of statues that are completely nude, from all ages: Vigeland Park – Oslo, Norway (Tripadvisor review)

Now to my main point: which is exactly that this video is a work of art intended to show how nudity does not have to be sexual. Yet the irony is that the video has been age restricted on youtube. Anyway here it is:

Plot: She (a woman) wakes up in an eerie field after being attacked by something unknown and begins to run away.