Predictions-for-2013Time to look in the crystal ball and give the predictions for 2013. At the end of the year we’ll see if I’m right or not. Anyway, here is the result of a little meditation into the future.

1) The popular masses will continue to become more stupid. Individuals will become smarter, but for the group of popular majority will continue to act more stupid, and we will see increased violence, ignorance, wars, conflicts and religious intolerance, and more fascist tendencies. The intellectual elite will either withdraw more from the popular discussion, or dive into stupidity, such as journalists and politicians, who will be the epitome of idiocy, keeping the estabilshed sick and dying society on life-support.

2) Popular media and what is left of art and culture will continue to become more stupid.
Trend continues, nothing new here.. however I would like to point to the subtle ways history is being forgotten. Kids no longer relate to historic events in the same way as youth used to do in the 70’s or 80’s, and the media and culture tries to reinvent everything, thus diluting reality, and history, and since everything in pop culture is constantly remixed, very little original is produced, and real culture is losing ground.

3) Bath-salt drugs and other synthetic drugs will increase in experimentation among young.
Already, the “Zombie drug” hit mainstream in 2012, so 2013 will see this trend increase as youths are attracted to the dangers of trying cheap and readily available drugs concealed as bath-salts, and in 2013 we will see this modus operandi mutate again into something else, so kids will have this in schoolyards, and it will become a trend like the “cinnamon challenge”.

4) Destructive acts among youthTrends such as #CutForBieber where teens all over the world was tricked into self-cutting (using razorblade on their arms) by notable internet troll group 4chan, has happened already and is actually a trend this week. I predict this kind of herd-like behaviour will become more normal. [example1] [example2]

5) HP will go broke.

as many other techno companies can’t compete with Apple. Microsoft will try to hide as usual and avoid bankrupcy by changing their image. again.

6) Intelligent people will get more “off the grid”.
More people prepare for a disaster (known as Preppers) now than any time in human history. So 2012 wasn’t the end, still more people are looking for, and some people are making the changes necessary to disconnect from the grid, literally and ideologically. They return to simple farming methods, grow their own food, conserve water, take shooting lessons, and generate their own power. This trend is due to the fact that modern society left their most sane moment long ago. Overpopulation, empty promises by rich men and politicians left people in such distrust, people are now waking up from the dream of a perfect system, and forming more independant and decentralized ways of living.

7) There is hope that the Luciferian spirit, the indigos, and crystal children will be more visible in year 2013.

Finally the hope is that more and more think like us, and are ready to shape our future.