I read from Sustainability action 3: picking up rubbish, even a small act of doing will manifest great ripples of potential in the higher plane of possibilities and thought-forms. Later that night, a hedgehog did not suffocate on a styrofoam cup. Many years later it could be that his descendants have a pet hedgehog who lives in the back yard, bringing a lot of joy to little children living there.

People all over the world may be inspired to look after their own community. Not only picking up little pieces of plastic but having a larger effect, stop honking at the neighbour who has stuck his car in the snow so you cant get past, you instead go out and help him push the car out of the ditch.

Call someone in hospital make sure they’re OK. After all, there is no use complaining on how the world looks like, when you have the power to change a small part of it, at the same time create ripples that continue throughout time and space long after you’re gone.