Great movie, based on JRR tolkien’s book with the same title. Although I much more enjoyed reading the book, a lot of things that you can describe in a book just doesn’t translate to film as a medium. Seeing it in 3D was kind of annoying, as the cheap polarized glasses reflect light from the floor and doesn’t block the wavelengths as well. 48 frames per second gave beautiful shots, however the action scenes was noisy both visually and in terms of noise. Although the effects were quite dramatic and believable, as usual in movies these days the computer graphic overlay just doesn’t make monsters realistic enough, mostly due to them having no inertia, making them move too much and too fast, and then the lighting is wrong.

Gandalf looks really old, which is quite funny since the plot is set 60 years earlier than the first Lord of the Ring movie.

Love the glowing Elf sword Bilbo has! Not to mention the ring that makes him invisible. Evrything about the ring kind of reminds me about Enochian
Magick. Funny coincidence since I plan to do enochian work and post some of my results.