Freedom_Fall_by_BlooHSitting on the fence, both literally and allegorically, gets you nowhere. My friend Alex Jones writes in his blog:

If you want to achieve anything in life you have to be bloody minded in life, be like a rampaging bull boldly smashing into what ever obstacle or resistance that gets in your way.  No think, just do.  Get off the fence!

Curiously, I was made aware of the profound meaning of this post through multiple channels at once, in a beautiful force of nature I call synchronicity, where

1) earlier today I saw female wrestlers trying to succeed in a wrestling match. Sometimes fighting against the odds, their mindset was clear: to be aware where you want to be, and focus only on the goal, no matter what the obstacle, even if it breaks your bones.

2) as I worked in enochian magick, in particular the thirtieth, most closely related to earth, earthas “north” of this aethyr lies what we know as fate, the chain of cause and effect, indeed as related to earthly matters as it gets, and the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus_Glyph

3) some loose ends magickally untied themselves today,

It all came down to this notion I already knew.

Then Alex presents a noble example:

Each day on this blog I shall record one small action or change I did that day(..) which will contribute to a healthier sustainable world.  The actions can be small, the effect is that 365 small actions in one year has a cumulative large impact overall.

I already started this kind of process a few months ago, but I never imagined it could be a great thing to blog about, plus making promises on a blog in front of thousands of potential readers is a bit more serious than making promises alone for youself.

Then, my exercise will be to cause change every day, through magick and Will, as even the smallest action counts, as long as it is progress, after many steps, in a year, will cover a huge distance. Not just for a healthier and more sustainable world, but for doing the Great Work, including this, like before, but now with more clarity, more purpose and more power, and yes, even more for Mother Earth than ever before .

I already have an iPhone charger that works off solar panels.